The Single Man’s Guide to Erogenous Zones in a Woman

Erogenous Zones in a woman

THE SUREST WAY to take your girl to heaven and back is through her erogenous zones.

Erogenous zones are areas of the body that have heightened sensitivity. When you stimulate these areas, you create all the incredible feelings: relaxation, thoughts of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm.

A good mastery of your girl’s erogenous zones will help you take her from zero to gotta-have-it- right now every single time. Unfortunately, even your girl herself may not know the location of all her erogenous zones.

Her Body

The female body is a huge source of immense pleasure; it is a massive bundle of nerves that you can use to send your girl over the edge of deep electrifying desire. The chances are that she has never even thought to explore some of the hot spots in her body.

A good understanding of the female erogenous zones will help you not only discover her amazing hot spots, but also introduce her to hotter ones she didn’t know she had. Here are the top erogenous zones to turn her on and get you a standing ovation.

The neck

The neck is the most sensitive area to light sensations, and one of the sexiest areas to touch, kiss and lick. This is because the skin on the neck is extremely thin, and it, therefore, does not take much to make a woman feel good. Even breathing gently on the nape of her neck will send incredible sensations down her spine. Every feeling on your girl’s neck is greatly magnified. Run the tip of your fingers lightly up and down her neck and watch her squirm.

The beauty of this erogenous zone is that she doesn’t even have to be undressed for you to access it. It is, therefore, a great erogenous zone to start stimulating even before your girl is aroused.

At the nape of the neck, there is a whole boatload of nerves that long to be touched. Remember the nape is the base of the brain where a lot of nerves come together: a sure ticket to arousal.

The inner thighs

The skin on your girl’s inner thighs is super sensitive and packed with nerve endings. This area is therefore extra sensitive to your nips, licks, kisses, and nibbles. If you want to kick it up a notch, trace an ice cube up and down her inner thighs, and she will have an indescribable sensation. The inner thigh makes an excellent field for foreplay.

The feet

Not only are the feet packed with nerve endings, but they contain pleasure points that trigger arousal. No wonder the feet have been used for centuries to stimulate organs through reflexology.

According to sex therapists, the inside and outside of the ankles are especially sensitive spots with numerous nerve endings that correspond directly to the most sensitive erogenous zones of the female body: the uterus and the vagina.

Also, the area below the ankle bones directly corresponds to the ovaries, which are responsible for increasing libido and improving sexual satisfaction. The upper part of the soles of the feet corresponds to the chest, and when you stimulate them, they send waves of sexual arousal to your girl’s nipples and breasts.

Since some women are ticklish on their feet, focus on firm and steady strokes as opposed to light, tickly motions; more like a massage. Place her feet on your lap and start massaging the pads of her feet. Then, use your thumbs to rub upward in a circular motion. Repeat these kneading motions slowly down the length of her foot, then move up again all the way to her toes.

The Ears

According to Emily Morse, a sexologist, ears are highly erotic. Ears are especially sensitive to touch because they contain a massive number of sensory receptors. Start by lightly tracing a C shaped outline of her ear with your fingertips while you are all kissing or gazing into her eyes.

Sex therapists indicate that the earlobe is especially where the magic is: kissing, biting, nibbling, grazing and sucking her earlobe will set off fireworks. Combining these with some other action like clitoral stimulation will intensify her orgasm.

Another way to stimulate the ear is through sound. Do not underestimate the power of a low moan delivered directly into her ear. Why do you think whispering is so sexy?

Her stomach

Sex therapists say that the abdomen is an incredibly erotic area. Firstly, the woman’s abdominal muscles are connected to her vagina. This is the reason why some women have had an orgasm simply from doing core exercises. When you stimulate her abdominal muscles during foreplay, they contract in anticipation of vaginal stimulation, which boosts her arousal.

Again, the stretch of skin between her breasts and the pubic mound is full of nerve endings, and their proximity to her genitals makes the area very sensitive to touch. Light stimulation of the lower abdomen facilitates blood flow to her genitals.

The proximity of the lower abdomen to the vagina and the clitoris makes the thought of moving further south particularly exciting for your woman. Start stroking your fingers slowly up and down her stomach or across her lower abdomen. This will stimulate blood flow to her genitals. Let your strokes get progressively lower and lower closer to her sexual organs and then come back up. This anticipation will build her arousal until she is begging you for more direct stimulation.

Her scalp

The skin on top of the head is loaded with nerves, which sex experts indicate are extremely sensitive to touch. Giving your woman a scalp massage is not only soothing but also sensual. Stimulating your girl’s scalp releases a load of feel-good hormones like oxytocin and serotonin. It also helps to release tension and get her in the mood for sex.

The next time you are having a foreplay session, open your fingers wide and slowly drag them through her hair. Stroke her scalp with your figures as you move along. Start at the base of her head, and then go behind her ears, moving on to the front of her scalp.

The Mons

According to Michael Krychman, a sex therapist, the Mons (the area above the genitals) is a richly erotic area. Caressing the hair on the pubic mound or a gentle touch to this area is exciting and pleasurable to your girl.

Remember, your woman’s pubic mound is closely connected to her sexual organs and, therefore, stimulating it triggers a strong sexual response. Shannon Chavez, a sex therapist, asserts that stimulating the pubic mound leads to the production of pheromones that triggers an incredible sexual response in your woman.

Over To You

Sex can be monotonous, especially if you do not take time to know your woman’s body. Learning the location of the various erogenous zones is a significant step towards spicing up your love life.

Unfortunately, even your woman may not be a good student of her body, and she, therefore, may not of much help with this one. There is every possibility that she is not aware of most of her erogenous zones.

The key is communicating with your woman as you explore her body. This way, you will transform your sex life into a spicy, steamy affair.

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing how to pleasure your woman thoroughly.

EXPERT ADVICE: My Ex has Moved on but I Still Love Her

My Ex has Moved on but I Still Love Her - Man looking at picture of ex girlfriend

YOUR FEELINGS DID NOT walk out of your life when your girlfriend did. The feelings linger: you miss her. You are tempted to call her and tell her how much you want her back.

Walking away from a meaningful relationship is never easy

It is completely normal to be still attached to your ex-girlfriend: loving your ex-girlfriend long after a breakup is perfectly ok. After spending so much time being close and intimate, it makes sense to be stuck in love. Detaching yourself is even harder when the breakup was not your decision.

According to relationship experts, just because you broke up with your girl does not mean that the feeling of love stops. Indeed, therapists indicate that many people still love their exes for some time after the breakup. Being hung up on your ex-girlfriend is nothing to be alarmed about.

“Love’s favorite thing to do is to stick around when it isn’t convenient”

To get back with your ex-girlfriend or not, especially after she has already moved on?

The act of getting over the end of a relationship is not easy.

Sometimes, when a relationship ends, you may doubt whether breaking up was the right thing to do.

You will know for sure that the relationship was not healthy, and you will be perfectly aware that she no longer wants to be with you, but somehow, you will still feel that the relationship should not be over. And you will be convinced that if you give the relationship one more chance, the outcome will indeed be different.

Things are even more confusing when your ex-girlfriend decides to move on. The main part of breakup pain is not being able to understand how she can just move on with her life. How can she just disregard what you had?

  • So, apparently, she didn’t love you that much in the first place
  • The relationship didn’t mean that much to her; she is finding the break up easy while you are still in pain.
  • She was probably seeing another guy behind your back

Just because she’s moved on, does it mean she’s over you?

But, according to relationship therapists, it is possible that all the thoughts above aren’t true. Just because your ex-girlfriend has seemingly moved on doesn’t mean that she is over you, or that she doesn’t still love you, or that the relationship didn’t matter to her.

Many times people move on into a new relationship because they think that they will fill the void of a breakup. What if this is the case with your ex-girlfriend? Maybe she has moved on hoping to fill the void of being without you, which she cannot handle alone.

This could be a band-aid to heal the wound in her heart temporarily. ‘Moving on’ for your ex-girlfriend could be a coping mechanism for the loneliness that she feels after the breakup.

“When a relationship ends, there is a tendency to ‘cherry-pick’ and only think about the stuff that was nice in the relationship.”

According to relationship experts, you should pursue your ex-girlfriend if:

The fact that your ex-girlfriend has moved on should, therefore, not discourage you from pursuing her. However, it is essential to determine whether it is a good idea to get back with your ex-girlfriend, depending on the nature of your breakup.

You broke up due to bad timing

According to Kristen Mark, assistant professor at the University of Kentucky, many couples break up due to bad timing rather than more fundamental issues. As such, if the couple gets back together, the new relationship has excellent chances of survival. Could this be you and your ex-girlfriend?

You have remained friends even after the breakup

Result by a 2014 study by the National Bureau of Economics revealed that ex-partners who remain friends even after they have separated are twice more likely to establish a stable relationship the second time around.

If your friendship has remained stable even after the breakup and your communication is uncompromised, you have a better chance of building a healthy new relationship with your ex-girlfriend.

You had a great relationship

How would you describe your former relationship? Did you have honesty, trust, respect and excellent communication? If your relationship was healthy in all these four areas, you could say that your relationship was great. And you know what, you have the chance to create a fantastic relationship once again.

The breakup was a rash decision

Sometimes people break up because of pride and ego. This kind of a breakup is often not well thought out. You said something, or she said something, the other person overreacted and left. If this was the case, your feelings are intact, and you can still build a strong relationship.

Could your relationship have suffered from a circumstantial breakup? Sometimes, couples break up because one of the partners had to relocate to another city for college or business. In such a case then it is worth a try to get back together as long as the circumstances have changed.

Did you know: Research shows that one-third of cohabiters and one-fifth of spouses have experienced a breakup and renewal in their current relationship?

When pursuing your ex-girlfriend is a bad idea

Research shows that we are attracted to what is familiar to us. This is known as the Law of Familiarity. A study by UCLA psychological researchers revealed that when you invest time, energy, money and physical contact on a person, you tend to describe more value to them. No wonder you are so drawn to your ex-girlfriend even when you know better.

Combined with a man’s innate desire to fix what is broken, it is inevitable that you will miss your ex-girlfriend even when the two of you together just can’t work.  There are, therefore, many cases when getting back together with your ex-girlfriend will not yield a happy ending.

“Falling out of love seems to be a process that is painstakingly longer than falling in love is”

The fact that you still love your ex-girlfriend or you miss her is not a good reason to get back with her. Other factors that are poor reasons for pursuing a relationship with your ex-girlfriend include:

  • Feeling miserable without your ex-girlfriend
  • Thinking you cannot live without her
  • Still believing she is your soul mate
  • You cannot imagine a life without her

According to a 2013 study by Kansas State University, many couples who reconnect after a breakup assume that their partners have changed for the better. They also get back together with the assumption that this time around they will communicate better.

As such they do not work at ironing out important issues. This subsequently affects the new relationship negatively.

  • Further research shows that people who date their ex-partners:
  • Have worse communication
  • Make more decisions that negatively affect the relationship
  • Have a lower self-esteem
  • Have a higher uncertainty about the future

The verdict

We will not tell you whether to get back to your ex-girlfriend or not, because no two situations are exactly the same. However, there is an easy formula to help you make the decision.

Relationship therapists recommend that you give the relationship an honest assessment. Consider both the good and the bad experiences that stand out from the relationship. Doing this will help you understand why things ended and whether you want to avoid or replicate the situation.

You may miss your ex-girlfriend terribly, and this ok. But, if you are not convinced that getting back with her is a wise decision you need to let her go. Getting back with your ex-girlfriend is sometimes a quick fix. But honestly, it’s not always the answer.

“Trust your intuition, trust your worth, and dare to venture on the other side of discovery. It may be difficult, but it is much sweeter than getting back into a relationship that will only bring you sorrow.”

6 Signs of Being Pushed Away by Your Girlfriend

Signs of Being Pushed Away - Girlfriend looking distant
Signs of Being Pushed Away - Girlfriend looking distant


You can’t quite put your finger on it; all you know is that there’s a different vibe.

She’s put up a wall has gone up, and you are wondering what is happening.

The fact:

Every man has gone through this: it does not matter how rich or good looking you are, or how stable your relationship is. Your woman will at some point pull away from you.

Why does a woman pull away?

  • You are clingy
    • A woman will push you away if you keep chasing her. No matter how many good qualities you possess, you will come off as unappealing when you get clingy.
  • You lack confidence
    • If you exhibit a lack of self-worth, your woman will push you away. Women are wired to look up to their men, and it is hard to admire and rely on a man who lacks confidence.
  • It is a coping mechanism
    • If your girl was hurt before, pushing you away is a coping mechanism for perceived eventual hurt. What do you know about your girlfriend’s previous love life?
  • You have had one too many fights
    • Sometimes, your relationship may have just run its course. You have been fighting and making up. She is tired and is ready to move on.
  • She is unable to forgive you
    • You might have done something that hurt her deeply. Even though you have presumably solved an issue, somewhere deep down, it is still bothering her.
  • She is falling too quickly
    • If the relationship is getting too serious too fast, your girlfriend might get scared. If she feels as if things are going out of control, she will pull away, hoping to keep the relationship with a certain boundary.
  • She doesn’t see a future with you
    • This might sound harsh, but partners do fall out of love suddenly and mysteriously. When this happens, your woman might pull away instead of ending the relationship there and then. She doesn’t want to be the bad guy. She hopes that you will take the cue and end the relationship.

6 Signs that your girlfriend is pushing away

They say that ignorance is bliss, but not in this case. The earlier you realize that your relationship could be in trouble, the sooner you can take measures to restore it.

Here are some signs of being pushed away by your girlfriend.

1. You are no longer part of her plans

When she was still into you, she was super excited to make plans with you. Recently, however, she is dodging plans and cancelling last minute, a little too often. If this is happening, it could mean that she is either indecisive about the relationship and she is preferring to do something else than spending time with you.

If your woman is having doubts about the relationship, she will also weed you out of her social life. Is she going for parties all by herself, attending weddings alone, and going bar hopping sessions with her friends, all which you previously did together? This is a sure shot sign that she no longer feels the same about you.

2. Communication between the two of you ceases

When communication patterns change, it is a crucial sign that your woman is unhappy in the relationship. Your girlfriend’s good morning messages, late night calls and texts will become less frequent. Even though she may not be calling it quits, she could be taking the time to put things into perspective.

3. Your girlfriend is more quiet than usual

You will notice that your girlfriend is becoming more withdrawn and will open to you less and less. It’s date night and you are in a nice restaurant, or you are taking a walk in the park, but you will feel like she is not there physically. Indeed, you will feel as if she is tolerating your presence; as if she wishes she was elsewhere. This is a clear indication that your girlfriend is no longer emotionally available to you.

4. Sex isn’t the same anymore

When the chemistry in a couple is affected, sex is one of the first things to suffer. If you find that your woman is no longer excited about the things that she loved doing in bed, know that something is up. You might also notice that she no longer cares about the things that were important to her, like shaving her legs or bikini waxes. Her sexy lingerie now rests at the bottom of her drawer.

These small things are some of the most telling signs of her waning interest in the relationship.

5. She gives in easily during a fight

If there has been constant friction in the relationship, your girl will prefer to be complacent instead of fighting with you. If you notice that she walks out on you halfway through a fight or merely shrugs her shoulders and seems to give up, know that your girl is beginning not to care about the relationship.

Also, you will realize that she doesn’t bother to give you explanations anymore. A woman who is withdrawing from a relationship will no longer bother trying to explain things or reassure you when you feel aggrieved.

You will get angry and calm down by yourself, and you will not receive any explanation from her because she no longer cares enough to give you one.

6. She is disrespectful towards you

Nowadays, your girl is nitpicking and is easily annoyed. She gets super angry when you leave dishes out, and gets furious when you forget the toothpaste in the sink. While these things can really get under one’s skin, they didn’t seem to bother her before.

Her new temperament is characteristic of someone who is considering cutting things off and is starting to look for things to validate her decision. Your woman’s disrespect is a very telling sign that there’s not enough for her in the relationship anymore.

If you feel in your gut that you are losing your girlfriend’s respect, do not ignore the feeling. It is time to confront the situation before all doubts are cleared and you lose the relationship.

Attraction isn’t a choice; it’s a response

People don’t choose who they are attracted to. In other words, your woman responds to your confidence, how you communicate, how you treat her and other triggers. That means, if your girlfriend is pushing you away, there is a huge possibility that you have something to do with it.

Could it be because you no longer act as the man that she fell in love with? Are you possibly behaving in ways that turn you into an obligation for her? Have you neglected her needs?

This is an opportunity for you to take a hard look at yourself and your interactions with your girlfriend. It may have nothing to do with you, but if it is, there is no better time for you to move to save your relationship.

My No-Holes-Barred Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review - Andrew Ryan

NOTE: My name is Randy and this is my personal review of the Modern Day Magnetic Attraction program by Andrew Ryan. I have written this entire review and it is solely my opinion and not endorsed in any way by Andrew or anyone else. The program was given to me by Andrew looking for a review. The links are affiliate links.

A screenshot of the Modern Day Magnetic Attraction (MDMA) downloads on my computer

EVER WONDERED HOW some guys make it seem so effortless?

It can be hard when you’re just starting out and struggling

  • Getting rejected
  • Going home alone
  • Feeling like you need to do all the work with women to get their attention
  • Not knowing what works and what doesn’t

I remember I used to think that getting a woman’s attention was like playing an old video game (like Super Mario Bros.)… Where one quick slip means starting all over again

But just like those old video games, if you can have someone show you how to beat the levels, it can go a long way to helping you finish the game

Because a lot of time the solution is somewhere you weren’t looking, somehow you didn’t expect or something you couldn’t possibly know…

The Mondern Day Magnetic Attraction Logo 

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction (MDMA) is a program around meeting and dating beautiful women put together by Andrew Ryan

It’s about understanding how the dating world works for men today, and how to stop chasing women and have them chase you instead

And if you have watched the video on the website then you know that Andrew reveals this as a scientific secret called ‘Preselection’

But before I talk more about the content in the program and reveal what preselection is (to those who don’t know or can’t remember), let’s take a look at who Andrew Ryan really is and what qualifies him to teach a program like this…

Who is Andrew Ryan

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review - Andrew Ryan

In his program, Andrew Ryan is an honest and up-front guy. In fact i’d describe him as your typical ‘nice guy’

And I’d describe his style of teaching as quite gentle and laid back while at the same time simple to understand

He reveals in a video that he worked under Joshua Pelicier (from Tao of Badass fame) as an instructor. This is the guy who would take groups of men out to bars and clubs to show them how to meet women

He was also a coach (and still is from what I can tell) for guys on how to meet and date beautiful women

In his Mp3 series he divulges about his life living as a ‘polyamorous’ man (a guy who dates more than one woman at a time). I put that here because I think a lot of guys would be curious to know about that lifestyle, even if it isn’t something that you don’t want for yourself

But just because he is a little alternative, I wouldn’t describe him as hippyish, but more welcoming, laid back and accepting

The Style of the Program

Anyone who has read much on the topic of ‘how to meet women’ knows that there is a big emphasis on ‘exactly what to say’. Word by word lines etc.

And if that is you, you won’t be disappointed here. There are plenty of examples and even some bonuses which only contain examples

But Andrew’s style is less about what is being said and more about letting your body language do a lot of the work

It’s more about being playful, fun and making women want to get to know you more

This is how Andrew uses the principle of preselection. As revealed in the video on the website, preselection is that when a woman believes that other women want to sleep with you, then she will want to sleep with you.

Andrew leverages this psychological principle to the max when out meeting women for two reasons:

  • Less friction and confrontation when meeting women
  • Rejection proof 

In his program, he talks about how to be completely rejection proof, and this style comes out of that

His program also places a high value on honesty which i think a lot of Meeting Miss Right readers will like to here

Examples of things you will learn in MDMA:

  • How to get a group of women talking about you, without you even there
  • The easy way to think about attraction and how to instil it in women
  • The dating myth that kills her sexy thoughts of you
  • Where strength comes from in an interaction and why most men never get there
  • What’s missing in your approach when girls keep flaking on you and what to do about it
  • The 3 steps women must go through when they meet a man and what happens when you skip one
  • The 3 archetypes that successful men go through when they meet women (the first two aren’t what you think)
  • Why most guys freak out when it gets to close the deal
  • The ‘Time Warp’ Effect and 2 other ways to speed up trust in an interaction
  • And plenty more…

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction (MDMA) – What You Get…

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review - Screenshot in Members Area

After you purchase MDMA you will be sent a link and a login and password code via email. Follow the instructions and you’ll find a membership area where you will find:

30 Videos

Straight forward, in camera video’s that are no longer than 23 minutes. They are organised into 6 different sections that make navigating the members section quite easy. The videos are the core of this program.

They start with the basics of Andrew’s MDMA system, and go through the different main concepts: Core principles, Attraction, Bonding, Closing and Relationship Balance

Each individual video is summed up by one idea, which makes it easier to follow and identify as the idea is in headline format above the video

9 Ebooks

There are some small and some larger Ebooks in PDF format. Some are used as cheat sheets to help you remember, and others introduce new ideas entirely. See below for bonuses and more information

4 Mp3’s

3 of these are a series on dating more than one woman at a time (honestly and ethically as he says), the other one is a ‘rampage of self confidence’. There is more information on both of these below.

+1 Free T-shirt

Andrew’s ‘Flirt Shirts’ are available. There are many to choose from, along with different colors and sizes of shirts. Just a note, you will need to pay taxes and shipping to get your shirt. How to get it is explained in a video.

The PROS and CONS of Modern Day Magnetic Attraction

PROS (4)

1 – Advice for today

There’s quite a lot of ‘pickup’ or ‘how to meet girls’ type literature out there, however much of it is dated. It can be 10 years old, and although the ‘classics’ are good to read, there are subtleties and little things that are different today than 10 years ago.

Think about smartphones, Netflix or Uber 10 years ago. They were completely different. And although men meeting women is a constant, there have been some changes in what works and what doesn’t over that time

Like, for example the games that ‘pickup’ artists used to play with girls they would meet (i.e. F#ck, Marry Kill). There are many that simply don’t work anymore. They come across as someone who tries to hard…

And girls simply haven’t heard of these games

Andrew’s course is current and more ‘modern’. He recorded it in 2018

Andrew covers many of the tried and true principles of dating, as well as some you won’t have heard of before and the topics of lifestyle, which doesn’t get talked about as much as it should

2 – Well organised and delivered

The program is easy to follow and simple to use. Everything is labelled, names of videos and other resources are named so you know what’s inside them. There also isn’t any stuffing around with donwloading large files that can happen with slower internet connection and older programs.

3 – Great strategies for change

This is probably my favorite thing about this program, although it may seem small to some. Andrew has some good strategies for making yourself better and taking action. He makes doing something about it simple. Typically by making the thing a game or by keeping the idea very simple.

Some programs I’ve gone through in the past can make you beat yourself up because you can’t do what is supposedly ‘easy’. There isn’t any of that here.

If you have had a problem taking action, I strongly recommend you go here and get started on this program now

4 – Nice Guys Finish First

I called Andrew a nice guy before. And a lot of guys who have been reading ‘how to meet women’ type material can get a bit jaded over time. They can think that you need to be a bastard. ‘Treat em mean, keep em keen’ is one saying that I’ve heard.

But this isn’t true and Andrew is proof. You don’t have to be a ‘prick/bastard’ to date beautiful women. You can be a nice guy and get what you want. I think this will be an ‘Alleluia/Thank God’ moment for some guys who thought they couldn’t be themselves and meet women.

If this is you then you should go straight to the website through this link and get started now.

CONS (4)

1 – No Real Reference To Daytime Meeting

Although not directly stated, it’s easy to get the impression from the program that Andrew goes out at night to meet women. He does meet women in bars and pubs, but he also likes to party and create social circles. If this isn’t you then you will still learn some things but you might want to try something else (like this course from a daytime specialist)

2 – No New Magic Tricks

If you buy a lot of pick up products then you probably know that the main stuff stays the same. This program is no different. However, I will say that this program is quite detailed and refined. More than others I have reviewed and bought

3 – One Way to Do It

This program is focused around meeting women at parties, bars and clubs (as stated before). But even then there is more than one way to do it.

I like Andrews ideas but they won’t necessarily be right for everyone. He is a happy go lucky guy who likes to go with the flow (that’s the impression that I get anyhow). Anyone who needs a rigid structure may not be suited to the program.

4 – A Little Bit of Self Help

There are some techniques like the ‘rampage of self confidence’ that have you working on yourself.

You don’t have to do them but I think they are a good idea. I only put this here because some people don’t like doing exercises like these, and if you’re not going to do them then you are pretty much wasting your time.

You need confidence to be able to meet women, and if you aren’t confident then this is how you can start.


Conversation Crack Bonus

59 Page eBook that is easy to understand

It’s not all new but there are phrases you can say verbatim which will help you along. Great for guys who find it hard keep the conversation going. This guide will help you keep it going and keep her attracted to you at the same time

  • The #1 rule that you must never break
  • 7 conversations that will have her exactly where you want her

The Perfect Date Blueprint

Short 16 page PDF document that divulges

  • Good date ideas
  • Bad date ideas
  • Date obstacles to avoid and how to avoid them

And an example timeline of a date including when to invite her over and how long it should last.

33 Done-for-You Text Conversations

36 Page eBook that is literally copy and pasted text message conversations that Andrew (i’m assuming) has had with girls. Some of them he must have met in person and some over a dating app from reading the conversations. A little  voyeuristic for me but if you want to know what is actually said etc, then this is right up your alley.

Friend Zone to End Zone

12 page PDF strategy guide for guys who have fallen into the friend zone. 3 relatively easy to follow steps (although some may find the first step of sleeping with other women tougher than others)

Although she is a girl you really like, she still wants a man. This guide can help you in that situation

Passing Women’s Tests

12 Page short guide on the different tests women do to men and how to pass them

Truth is that every guy gets tested. The 2 types of tests covered in this book are:

  • Compliance
  • Congruence

There are some examples of what to say, why women test men and how to get around it.

I usually just say no to women when they try to do this stuff, the examples in this guide are a little cute for me but they may work for you

How to Date Multiple Women (Honestly and Ethically)

This mp3 series was recorded between Andrew and his friend Brad whilst driving.

The information is really for people who are thinking of trying to date more than one woman at a time (which is a good idea for guys who are even thinking of finding one girl and settling down BTW)

They give a few hints, a few what not to do’s and why you shouldn’t lie to women about other women (and how you should actually let them know)

I liked some of the info, although it goes on a bit long and is a bit too casual for mine


This is a good, more up to date program than the other ‘how to meet women’ books and programs that i have seen out there

Andrew is experienced, well versed and he also is a good teacher.

There’s only so far you can go with an online course, but having said that there are some insights that you will have going through this material

It is well organised so it’s easy to come back to and go through the bit that you want to know

It would probably take you an afternoon and evening to go through the whole thing if you wanted to speed through it.


I think if you are after some guidance in the first part of your relationship (i.e. meeting women) then this is a good program to get.

It’s straight forward enough and simple to follow that you will get a good grounding in it. And it covers the topics of attraction and first meeting women which is crucial for guys who don’t have a steady stream of women in their lives already.

As you can tell I enjoyed going through the content of the course and yes, I do recommend it. You can get your copy from here. And if you have any questions then ask me here

Thanks for reading my Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review

How to Get a Woman to Like You When You’re Nervous

How to get a girl to like you - couple on date

How to get a girl to like you - couple on date

YOU HAVE JUST MET a woman that you think is gorgeous and funny and absolutely intelligent.

You are really attracted to her, and you can totally see yourself in a fantastic relationship with her… And you want her to be into you as well.

But do you know what to do?

One wrong move and you will be annoying and push her away, or you will find yourself in the darkest pit of the friend zone.

How can you create a positive impression and eventually make her attracted to you?

How to get a woman to like you

Be well groomed

Women are not hung up on physical features, but your appearance is the first thing they will notice.

Physical attraction is the initial attraction. If you are dirty, smelly and wearing clothes that look like they have just been thrown together, you may put her off and deny her chance to discover just how amazing you are.

How you dress is quite important

Research shows that females instinctively look at how a guy is dressed to determine if he will be a good provider for their family in the future.

A well-dressed guy sends the message that he is stable, goal oriented, and driven. When you want to impress women, wear clean clothes, trim your nails, comb your hair, and be presentable.

When seeking to attract a woman, your smell is of utmost importance

Your fragrance can intrigue a woman, sexually attract her, or even repulse her.

It doesn’t matter how good looking you are if you have a scent that turns off other people you have no chance of attracting her. Having a nice aftershave or scent of cologne will help.

Your scent should not be too overpowering. It should not overwhelm, but it should definitely be noticeable. She should only detect it when you walk by or stand next to her.

Be confident

Research shows that women cannot resist a confident attitude.

A guy who is comfortable in his own skin holds his head up high, is true to himself, and does not worry about what other people think is very attractive. A woman will be drawn to a man who believes in himself and is not afraid to be the man he wants to be.

A guy who is confident inside and out sends a strong message that he can protect his girl and his family.

A guy who lacks confidence communicates timidity and disinterest. This will cause her to keep her distance because she cannot trust him to be there when she needs him.

Be yourself

When many guys meet women, they do not present their ‘true selves’.

This is because they fear rejection. They feel like they do not look good enough or they are not charming enough. So instead of being themselves, they try to project an image that you think she will like.

Other guys are too worried about what to say to women: always weighing their words and jumping on every opportunity to agree.

Unfortunately, she will see right through you. Women can tell that you are not your authentic self and that you crave her approval. When she senses this, she will run for the hills. A woman respects a man who believes in himself enough to risk not be liked and approved of.

Remember, different women have different preferences when it comes to men. Therefore, not every woman will be attracted to you; and it has nothing to do with you. Be yourself and allow her to like you for you.

How to get a woman to like you - he is paying attention to her

Pay attention to her

When you are with a woman, make her feel as if she is only other person in the room. Even when people walk by, the music is loud, and the dishes are breaking, keep your whole attention focused on her.

Women love this… And they test for it.

Women who are interested in you will get their friends to sit next to you instead of them. They do this to test whether you really have an interest in them or if you’re just after ‘any girl’.

You can pass the test by keeping your attention on her. This is definitely a way to get into her good books in the right way.

Let her talk about herself

Often, guys struggle on dates because they try to keep the conversation going at all times. They forget that the one topic of ultimate interest for women is themselves.

And make no mistake, girls love to talk about themselves. If you master the art of listening to her, you will have the most fantastic conversation.

Simply listen, pick on the things that she tells you and talk to her about them.

She will appreciate that you show an interest in her and she will feel good emotions talking about things that matter to her. Consequently, she will associate those emotions with you. Within no time, she will feel a connection with you.

Next time you are talking to a girl, zero in on what matters to her and let her elaborate on it.


Girls want guys with whom they share some similarities.

Mirroring is a good way to show her that you are more alike than different. This is an incredible tactic because you do not even have to talk to her.

Mirroring catches the attention of the woman and communicates to her that you are a guy that she would find interesting. It is also a way of getting her to develop a true sense of trust because people generally trust people who are similar to them.

Research shows that when you mirror a woman’s facial expressions, it makes her feel attracted to you and she also finds you interesting, caring and intelligent. Some of the ways you can mirror include:

  • Smiling when she smiles
  • Turning your body in the same direction as hers
  • Nodding your head when she nods hers
  • Raising your eyebrows when she raises hers
  • Showing disgusting when she shows disgust towards something else

Although don’t impersonate

This doesn’t mean copying or impersonating her. It’s simply about showing her that you are in the same frame of mind at the same time.

Similarity attraction effect

We have already established that we are attracted to people who are similar to us.

You can use this to your benefit when listening to the woman that you like. Simply highlight the things that you have in common.

She says she loves country music? Let her know your favorite band if you also like country music.

Studies show that the more similar to a girl a guy is, the more she feels he is predictable, and her brain, therefore, thinks he is safe to be with.

Be spontaneous

You don’t have to do what every other guy out there is doing to impress her.

For instance, why don’t you use your talents to impress her? On a date take her to something that you are good at. Even if it is hitting range balls, she will see you at something you are good at.

This will earn you extra points because you are genuine and that takes extra time and effort.

The novel effect

Research shows things that are new or unusual activate the parts of the brain that invokes curiosity and consequently, attractiveness.

Separate yourself from the herd and do things differently and you will surely get her to like you.

Final thoughts…

Many guys allow their shortcomings to stand in the way of their love life.

There are many things you may not like about yourself…… and if you are not careful, you may allow them to erode your self-esteem

These are factors that you cannot control, and you should not allow them to stand in the way of your love. A great personality and attitude can help you to overcome all your insecurities.

Therefore, embrace who you are, turn them into your strengths and build your self-esteem. And remember, even the girl you are eyeing is not perfect. She probably has her own insecurities.

Thanks for reading this guide on how to get a woman to like you. For more information on meeting miss right, sign up to the email list.

5 Experts Reveal The First 5 Steps In Order To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

How To Make Your Ex Want You Back - Woman walking away on the beach

How To Make Your Ex Want You Back - Woman walking away on the beach


It’s how we live our lives whether we know it or not

We don’t simply get a loaf of bread. We need to prepare the ingredients and put it in the oven first

It’s the same for relationships

How we get out of them, and how we get into them

Getting into a relationship has a process. Even with your Ex-Girlfriend. It’s simply a matter of following the right steps in the right order

She needs to feel a certain way first before she can feel anything else…

Recently I harassed some fellow relationship experts and asked them to give up their first 5 steps to getting an Ex-Girlfriend back

How they go about priming a woman’s mind to get her ready to give him another chance…

And with some arm twisting, they did.

The First  5 Steps to Successfully Getting Your Ex Back

STEP #1 – Noticing The Wall Your Ex Has Put Between the Two of You

I remember my first ever relationship, a couple of weeks before she broke up with me that there was something different…

She wasn’t as spontaneous, and looking back I think she had something on her mind

Dating expert Clay Andrews says that this is the first step in turning things around

You may be further down the line than this but it’s important to think back to when you noticed a shift in her

You’ll know because:

  • She stopped sharing things with you
  • She didn’t look at you the same way
  • She started cancelling plans all of a sudden

And although you may think the break-up came out of the blue, if you give it some thought it could help you reconsider…

Was there a day where things were different (like I noticed) or maybe it happened slowly over time?

Either way, the first step to getting your ex-girlfriend back is to notice when things tapered off…

If you’re having trouble pinpointing the situation, Clay has kindly put this video together to help…

And you can find out more about Clay’s teaching and program by taking this quiz here or find his eBook that’s titled ‘The 5 Phases to Get Your Ex Back’ here.

Step #2: Understand What Is Pushing Her Away

“There’s a huge misconception among men that if they upset their girlfriend then they’re going to lose her.” – Psychologist Christopher Canwell

Although it sounds like the opposite of what you should do, upsetting your girlfriend is NOT necessarily what is pushing her away (99% of the time at least)

Instead, it’s boring, being predictable and generally ‘playing it safe’. Your girlfriend wants to feel what it’s like to be a player in the game, ride the bumps, get knocked down occasionally, and score the winning goal…

Not watch from the sidelines

She wants to feel the range of emotion that comes from being with a man. It keeps her guessing, she loves the drama and uncertainty of it

Believe it or not, keeping her in this state has been scientifically researched and thought to increase attraction.

If you play it too nice and are too safe then she won’t feel these emotions, and she will start looking for someone who can give them to her…

The big take away here is not to overcompensate. It’s a trap that many guys fall into. A lot of guys think their girlfriend is going to leave them and they overcompensate by buying flowers, crying and saying ‘I can change for you’

She DOES NOT WANT YOU TO CHANGE. If anything she wants you to go back to the guy you were, the man that she once was attracted to and that she desired.

What type of guy were you when she desired you more than anyone? You can see more of Christopher’s advice about how to be that guy again here.

Step #3: Back off

This step follows right on from the previous step, and like most of Michael Sweeney’s advice it doesn’t mess around

‘Back off’ with your attention and affection

Here’s a question for you…

Has any of the following crossed your mind?

  • Calling her because you just need to tell her something that will make it all OK
  • Talking to her friends about convincing her to get back with you
  • Sending her messages on social media about how you want to commit to her

If they have then get them out of your mind. These ideas are coming out of neediness and aren’t attractive at all. They are not going to help you get her back

And if you have done any of these, then let’s agree right now that it needs to stop

Michael Sweeney says that these behaviors are actually pushing her further away…

So the third step is really about stopping something if you are doing it, not so much about doing something different

Michael says that women make decisions based on how they feel about the relationship they have with someone at that very moment

And if she feels that you need her (which these three behaviors demonstrate) she won’t want all the pressure and will run the other way

The trick is don’t ask her to be back with you when she doesn’t feel good towards you. She won’t give you the answer you are looking for

But when she:

  • Feels better about you
  • Is once again excited to see you
  • Starts making plans to hang out again

She will reconsider..

So how do you give her that giddy feeling she craves when she’s in your presence again? Michael reveals all in his book ‘Get Her Back: FOR MEN ONLY’ available here

Step #4:

(Part A) – If You Did Something To Cause the Breakup (i.e. cheating) Then Apologize

Step four is broken up into two parts because they go together

Firstly in part A, if you did something that caused the breakup, like cheating or just being overly stupid for a lot of the time then apologise

She needs to know that you are serious about this. And that it meant something when you said sorry

It’s vitally important that you do this honestly and sincerely

You can do it face to face, with SMS, but a letter (handwritten) I think is the best way to get the message across…

Why a letter? A letter gives her the power. She can read it when she wants, and take the time to process it how she likes

It’s also something that you don’t typically do (im guessing), so the communication channel hasn’t been potentially corrupted by fights, or mundane messages like ‘can you get the bread tonight?’ etc.

There’s also just something about receiving a handwritten letter. You know that someone has put time and thought about it. and there’s feeling in it

Anyhow, you need to tell her something like…

“I love you, but we both know that I’ve made a huge mistake. It’s something that I think about every day

I’d like to say that I’m strong enough not to fall into temptation again, but the truth is I need to become a better man

I know that I have hurt you by the way that you have acted. I understand that when you act out towards other people you are really venting your frustration with me. I am sorry

I want us to be stronger than ever, and I know if I can work past my faults that we can move past this. You mean the world to me.”

Part B – Acknowledge that the relationship is over

The hard truth of the matter is that the relationship you had with your girlfriend is over…

If you get your ex-girlfriend back, you will be starting a new relationship with her

The old one faded because there was something about it or you that wasn’t right…

You weren’t mature enough, you lost interest, you lost respect for each other, you weren’t ready, etc.

Now is the time to tell her, that you accept that it’s over

This step is crucial. If you don’t do this, then she will think that she has broken it off with you and that’s final

You don’t want this. Time to suck it up and let her know that now, it’s ‘mutual’

You can also do it in a letter, face-to-face or SMS. Either way, you want to say something along the lines of…

“I want you to know that I have cherished the time being with you and I wouldn’t take it back or change it for anything

But I agree with you that our relationship is over and this chapter of our lives has come to an end”

You really want to let her know that its over…

It gets rid of the expectations, the labels and all the bad stuff that is actually weighing down your future together (although she may not know that last bit)

And it will help you to start building that future together, even though it sounds counter-intuitive

So how do you start rebuilding that shared future, where the two of you grow old and wrinkly together? Michael reveals his Get-Your-Ex-Back plan including messages you can copy and paste to re-spark the attraction again in his book  ‘Text Your Ex Back’ available here

Step 5 – The No Contact Plan

In this step, Brad Browning gives us his best tip for getting your ex back

“The no contact strategy”

This basically means from the date that you told your Ex that you accept the relationship is over, for the next 4 weeks do not contact her

He says this works for 3 main reasons…


Using absence in your favor is an extremely powerful force that can draw your Ex back to you, all by itself

Time will settle any negative emotions she has so the more positive ones can come back

Ever noticed how your memory you typically only remember the fun stuff. Primary school is a good example. While you were there you were probably bored most of the time, but no when you look back it was the best time of your life…

We aren’t going to leave it that long, but some time can help heal and reveal what’s really important in someone’s life. And this is to your advantage


Your confidence levels will rise because you are starting to take charge.

When you’re going through a break-up, no contact is really the only strategy you can control.

You can’t pick up the phone, because she may not answer so by taking charge, you are starting to get confident again

And you need your confidence to be the ‘you’ that she fell for in the first place

Time to Plan

No contact will also level out your emotions and let you put together some kind of plan. It will help you and give you time to do some self-development and learning so you can become a better man.

This is vital to your pursuit

Your previous relationship proved that the person who you were wasn’t ready. Now it’s time to improve.

  • Learn how to communicate better
  • Dress better
  • etc.

So what type of plan should you put together when you want to reunite with your Ex-Girlfriend?

Brad reveals his three-step plan in his highly recommended book called ‘The Ex Factor.’ You can get your copy here

There is also a chapter in there on how to become a better man so your ex-girlfriend won’t be able to resist you…

The next steps…

These 5 steps may feel like they are taking you away from your Ex. But think of them as demolishing the old stuff that didn’t work and putting down the foundation down for a new relationship.

At the end of the day, the foundation doesn’t look like much but it’s the most important part of the house

It keeps everything else standing…

And in this case, it puts you in a place where you can go forward knowing that you’ve got the rest of you covered and you have the best chance of getting your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Again i’d like to say thanks to the experts who helped put this article together. If you’d like to see any more of their advice then here it is:

  1. Clay Andrews: Relationship Inner Game
  2. Christopher Canwell: Girlfriend Recovery System
  3. Michael Sweeney: Get Her Back
  4. Michael Fiore: Text the Ex Back
  5. Brad Browning: The Ex Factor

If you have any questions or queries then contact me here.


Other Resources


The Top 10 Best Pick Up Artist Books

Best Pick Up Artist Books - Man chatting to woman in cafe

Best Pick Up Artist Books - Man chatting to woman in cafe

THE PICK UP ARTISTS IN these books have all turned their lives around

They all started off as nervous, timid and socially awkward guys who couldn’t even get a date…

Now they are dating superheroes

Many of them were spurred on, learning from guys who had come before them…

Now they are the ones giving advice. Helping guys like you by revealing what works for them, as well as stories from their experiences

Here are the top 10 pick up books I found and have read. They are in no particular order and offer something a little different…


tao of badass book and bonuses

Tao of Badass – Joshua Pellicer

This is more of an encyclopedia than a book. There is plenty of content to go through and the level of detail is very thorough.

Not only are there details on what to say/do etc, but also plenty of ‘inner game’ stuff, stories about what to do (and what not to do), unique concepts and the typical tips and techniques.

The Tao of Badass isn’t just a book. It includes videos, audio and plenty of bonuses which why it costs a little more than the other options on this list.

You can get your copy of TAO OF BADASS here as well as read a more DETAILED REVIEW here


The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed – Mystery (aka Eric Von Markovik)

Mystery is really a geek when it comes to meeting women…

The part of ‘getting laid’ that most guys think is by chance, he has been turned into a Science

In his book, he goes into minute detail and spells out the rules of how to meet women for you

Although this book isn’t going to solve all the challenges you face, after reading it you can expect that your odds will improve

The best thing about what Mystery has done is that he has done it a lot, and in this book, he gives away some of his ‘rules of thumb’. Including:

  • How long it takes to go from meeting to sleeping with a woman (on average)
  • How long you should wait before you make your approach
  • The best way to bypass her ‘buyers remorse’ trigger

Some of the books is a little outdated, but the ideas, message and Mystery’s rules of thumb are still relevant. And because of this, it’s worth a read, especially for those who haven’t read many (or any) pick up books before

The Mystery Method is very structured and the book will give readers a complete view (and timeline) of those important first few hours when meeting a woman

You can get your copy and read more reviews of The Mystery Method here


The Way of the Superior Man – David Deida

David Deida isn’t a pick up artist. But this book has been handed down by pick up artists for as long as I can remember

It’s all about dealing with the stresses and challenges that come from work, women and sexual desire

This isn’t simply woo-woo nonsense, although the reasons why may not be clear to readers

It’s centered around male spirituality, but there are also practical aspects that men can follow

However, the book is typically written in that meta kind of way that spiritual books are typically written in. Topics include*:

  • Live with an open heart even when it hurts
  • Don’t force the feminine to make decisions
  • Live as if your father were dead
  • What she wants is not what she says

If you need to focus on your ‘inner-game’ (the reasons why you act as you do) then this is the book for you.

Well worth the read, there is a lot of wisdom in this book

Get your copy of THE WAY OF THE SUPERIOR MAN here

*Topics I have taken are from my copy which is about 10 years old. The version available now may be updated


Unlock her legs book and bonuses

Unlock Her Legs – Bobby Rio (& Rob Judge)

Unlike the other books on this page, unlock her legs deals with the question…

‘There’s this one girl, how do I get her?’

Whether you have been relegated to the ‘friend zone’, your relationship went a little sour or she doesn’t even really know who you are (be honest here) then this book is for you

It covers how to change her perception of you, then how to turn her from just a friend into something more.

As far as how the book reads, Bobby talks like a typical New Yorker. Crude and straight to the point. There are stories to illustrate points but it’s mostly a ‘what to do and how to do it’ type book.

If you haven’t read any other pick up books, you will be surprised by the level of detail that Bobby Rio and Rob Judge (co-author) have in this area.

Unlock her legs comes with audiobook and plenty of bonuses reports. (see image)

Well worth a read. Find out more and get your copy of UNLOCK HER LEGS here


Magnetic Messaging

Magnetic Messaging – Bobby Rio (& Rob Judge)

Although some will promise it, there is no such thing as a magical set of words that will get her to fall in love with you…

But what there is, is a way of communicating with a woman that demonstrates to her that you are a confident, smart and attractive..

Which she won’t be able to resist

This book helps you by showing you what confident, smart and attractive guys are saying to girls.. that is working

It reveals many of the exact lines that Bobby and Rob use themselves to meet and escalate romance with women that they meet.

Although it is a little dated, the principles and texts still work just as well today

When I was new to meeting women, using text messages I ‘borrowed’ from other guys was one of the best learning experiences.

It gave me more motivation, which then only made it a matter of time before I could meet and attract women when I wanted.

You can get your copy of MAGNETIC MESSAGING here


Brent Smith - Attract Hotter Women

Attract Hotter Women – Brent Smith

Brent Smith is kind of the odd one out when it comes to this list.

He’s not your typical guy who learned a lot about meeting women. And he’s not going to teach you about meeting women in the street or at the local nightclub.

He’s a playboy.

The old-school type. World travelling, Tuxedo wearing, Celebrity mingling … and he only ever dates ’10s’.

As you can tell by the name of his book, he has refined taste when it comes to everything, including women

This book is another ‘what to do, how to do’ type book that covers the topic of meeting higher value women (which are also typically better looking)

It includes areas around increasing your social status and how to generate a vibe that will attract beautiful women to you

Get your copy of Brent Smith’s ATTRACT HOTTER WOMEN here


Complete Hooked System

Hooked! Proven secrets that make women addicted to being with you – Tripp Kramer

Tripp is a pretty regular guy. Originally from the Midwest, this book is the result of his journey to meeting women and socializing in his new city (Los Angeles).

The breakthrough in this book is that you don’t need to be an alpha male or someone you’re not to have the dating life you want.

In some ways the book has more regular, ‘what-you-would-expect’ advice. Tips on how you dress, what to say to keep the interaction moving along, body language stuff etc.

Tripp also harnesses the power of NLP to help build deeper connections with women. And covers more specific topics like how to arrange your living space to make women feel more comfortable there.

Good for guys who want to keep it simple, and use less of the ‘hacks and tricks’.

Get your copy of HOOKED here


The Game – Neil Strauss

This is the classic tale of a guy who has entered the world of the pickup artists by befriending one of the most prominent at the time (Mystery).

Although this book is a little dated now, it shows a behind the scenes view of the world of the pick up artist. Including information on some of the big names.

This book isn’t about giving you tips or what to say etc. The lesson this book taught me was that ‘pick up’ is about is about becoming a better man, and essentially outgrowing ‘pick up’.

It’s worth a read. You can get your copy of THE GAME here


The Dating Playbook for Men – Andrew Ferebee

Like many, Andrew Ferebee has read and tried many different tactics and techniques when it comes to meeting women

And after letting it all simmer in his brain, the most important thing to him isn’t tips, routines or strategies… it’s being a grounded male

This book is about what’s inside you. And how to bring that when you’re out meeting women

On the con side, it is a little sales-y where the author plugs his programs at the end of the chapter

But despite this, it’s worth a read. It will help keep you grounded and it sets the tone for what is important when you meet a woman

Get your copy of The Dating Playbook for Men here



Sperm Wars – Robin Baker

Like David Deida, Robin Baker is not a pick up artist. But this book has done the rounds as well. It’s a real eye-opener when it comes to the science of sex

In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that unless you read this book, you don’t really understand the mechanics of sex

And by understanding the mechanics, you will understand more of the things that happen in interactions between you and the women you’re interested in

Because at the end of the day, sex is what it’s all about

For example, if you have ever wondered why a girl chases one particular guy but runs away from others then the answer is in this book

If you’re wondering if you can read and understand a science book (some of them are quite hard) this one is not all dry facts, big words and statistics.

Each chapter starts with a story, then an explanation. To be honest it is written well enough that an average reader will have no trouble understanding (I had no trouble)

Get your copy of SPERM WARS here

Thanks for reading…

If you haven’t read a book about pick up before, then I can confidently say that these books will change your life

Just like the pick up artists who wrote them, they can open a door to what feels like another world

They changed my life (for the better) and now I don’t know where I would be without them. I hope they have the same positive influence on your life too.

10 of the Best Books on Female Psychology – An Updated List

Best Books on Female Psychology - Man and Woman Reading

Best Books on Female Psychology - Man and Woman Reading

SHE SEEMS HAPPY… but what is going through her mind?

  • Why did she break up with me?
  • What has made her go so distant all of a sudden?
  • Why is she with that guy?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions then this (updated) list is going to transform your life.

It contains the best (in my experienced and honest opinion) advice, information and education on women and why they do what they do

Some are new, some are classic books on female psychology. But they all have great ideas, concepts and insights to help you understand the women in your life…

1. For men only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women – Shaunti & Jeff Feldhahn

Think you know what she truly wants and needs from you?

For Men Only unlocks many of the mysteries that tend to keep the average man in the dark. Especially when it comes to building a deeper and more meaningful relationship with women.

You can expert to learn about what women think their insecurities are and what they mean when they use the term ‘security’ (which is very important to them)

From the best-selling author of “For Women Only”, this easy to read the book is full of practical information. With no real scientific language, it’s something any man can read today and feel more in charge of their relationships with women.

Get your copy of For Men Only here.

Pros Cons
Easy to read Over-simplified writing style
Includes a “Quick-Start” guide Denigrating language towards women
Plenty of practical information Written from Christian POV may not be for everyone

2. Crack the Secret Girl Code – Michael Fiore

Crack the Girl Code - Michael Fiore

Learn How to Push the Right Buttons

Crack the Girl Code is an online training program that provides men with “code cheats” designed to help get inside the minds of women. It focuses on creating an instant connection while at the same time increasing her sexual desires.

The course covers techniques to help you push three crucial buttons in a woman’s mind to make her feel that special connection and desire you.

Crack the Girl Code covers how to make that connection by making her feel as though you understand her better than anyone else. It also covers conversation tips to turn her on and how to make a woman feel like she is destined to be with you.

Several bonuses are included such as “How to avoid the Friend Zone.” You can find more information on exactly what else is included at the website here. (It gets a bit weird with the puppets)

Pros Cons
Perfect for the beginner No online forum for more help and information
Digital version for online reading Not for those who “think,” they are always right
60- day money back guarantee Not an “Instant” cure, it takes time for perfection

3. The Female Brain – Louann Brizendine

Science answers the question “What does a woman want?”

No matter what your current relationship status, this book will help you to gain a better understanding of the complexities of the female brain, in an easy to read and understand format

The Female Brain answers many questions you might have but were afraid to ask. Among those questions are, “Why do women tend to be more verbal than most men?” or “Why do women form stronger bonds with their female friends than guys do with their male friends?”

Find the answers to these questions and many more in between the covers of The Female Brain.

Pros Cons
Easy to understand, non-scientific language Contains inaccurate information in places
Should read by both women and men Fails to cover the elderly female brain
Concepts backed by medical science Stereotypes women a little

4. What Women Want When They Test Men – Bruce Bryans

How to decode a woman’s behavior and pass their “secret” tests

It only makes sense that women test men. But do you know how to recognize when you are being tested and how to react to it?

In the book, you will learn about the three “C”s, Congruence, Compliance, and Commitment, which are the three tests most women use.  

If you have ever been dumped by a woman, the book can show you how not to accept being treated this way. As well as how to start being treated in a manner of which you are deserving.

Crack the code and get your copy of What Women Want When They Test Men here.

Pros Cons
Follow up to What Women Want in a Man From a very dominating male point of view
Identifies the three “C”s women use to test men Might be best for short-term relationships
Teaches you to be a strong, confident man Repetitive in places

5. What Women Want in a Man – Bruce Bryans

Become the Alpha male women desire

In What Women Want in a Man, Bruce Bryan discusses the most important thing a woman wants in a man

And how communication and confidence are important, but not as important as her #1 primal drive. 

On the practical side, you will find ten ways you can start working on making the changes needed to make you a “woman magnet.” Learn why the “Nice Guy” always seems to finish last and end up alone rather than with the woman of his dreams.

Most importantly of all, learn how to become an Alpha Male, one that is more assertive and who is far more likely to be attractive to women. Discover what she really wants in What Women Want in a Man here

Pros Cons
Covers the traits most women are attracted to in simple manner Poorly written using a lot of generalities
Not filled with tricks and gimmicks that don’t work Repetitive information
Focuses on the male side of the relationship A little shallow


6. Make Her Crave You – Greg Hart

Make Her Crave You - Greg Hart

Are you a guy with his life together… well all except one part?

Make Her Crave You is more like a beginners system to help guide you through how to reveal that part of you that women want to see.

In this way, it’s more focused on guys who are successful in other parts of their lives.  And just need to sort out their relationship.

You won’t get any scripted lines here. In fact, the book is written on the premise that men simply have a problem demonstrating their worth to women (which I agree is a big problem that guys have). It’s not about changing you, more enhancing.

Make Her Crave You will challenge your beliefs and take you out of your comfort zone, so it isn’t for everyone. Get your copy here

Pros Cons
No lines or magic tricks A little dated
Focused on attracting the women you want Some parts are repetitive
Bonuses included A little more expensive than some other options

7. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – John Gray Ph.D.

#1 New York Times bestseller

This is the classic book on the subtle differences between women and men. So not only do you get to understand females better, you understand yourself as well

It has been updated, but the information is as good today as when it was first released. It covers how both sexes prefer to interact with each other, as well as how we think differently. And if you’ve ever heard of the ‘points system’ couples use, I believe it started here

There are a lot of analogies and John Gray has a great way of painting pictures in the reader’s mind to help explain topics

Get your copy (if you don’t already own it) of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus here

Pros Cons
Easy and entertaining read A little oversimplified
Chapters focused on language are good Parts on keeping love alive may not be relevant
Examples given Advice taken from observation rather than research

8. The Female Brain (Movie) – Whitney Cummings

A movie about why women do what they do

I know this list is about books… However, if you’re looking for a different perspective on learning about female psychology you might like this (even if it’s just for a change)

The Female Brain is loosely about understanding why women make the choices they make

The star (Whitney Cummings) plays a brain researcher who is explaining the different parts of the two brains (male and female) in this way.  Then there are examples played out by the couples

It’s light-hearted and good to watch with friends. It’s aimed at more of a chick flick audience but it can be good to go ‘undercover’ and learn from these types of resources occasionally. See it here

Pros Cons
Entertaining and light-hearted Not a book
Informative ‘Chick flick’ might put some guys off
A different take on what can be a dry subject Not as actionable and straightforward advice as others on this list

9. My Secret Garden – Nancy Friday

Where other books dare to tread

Written in the 1970s, Nancy Friday thought it would be a good idea to start documenting women’s fantasies. So she put an ad in the local classifieds and this book is what came back

My Secret Garden is a great book. And I recommend it, especially if your a guy who puts women up on a pedestal. It gives a real look at women and what drives them from this unique angle (their fantasies and innermost thoughts). It’s a real eye opener

Well worth the read but read it somewhere private. It is very graphic so that may or may not be to some peoples taste

Get your copy of My Secret Garden here

Pros Cons
Entertaining read Very graphic language
Informative No real ‘how to’ style content, more story based
Open and honest You’ll never look at women the same way again (might be a good thing)

10. The Language of Lust – Lawrence Lanoff

The Language of Lust - Lawrence Lanoff

Does talking about sex with women scare you?

Many guys aren’t sure of how to broach the subject of sex with women.

And although it’s only a small thing, it can leave you feeling like you’re missing out on something…

If this is you then The Language of Lust is a MUST READ.

Inside you will learn how to deal with your emotions as well as what to say and do with techniques you can use.

It will help you understand where she is coming from and how to interact with her around the topic of sex and intimacy (which can be a big sticking point for guys)

It isn’t for beginners or those with little to no experience with women, but if you’re up for the challenge the rewards are there. Get your copy here.

Pros Cons
Lots of practical application techniques here Not for beginners or guys that haven’t much experience with women
Great advice on the correct way to be outwardly sexual with women A little dated
Bonuses included The membership site is hard to navigate

In Summary…

The ten resources above are a crash course in what makes women tick, and why they do what they do.

If you were to only read one or two, you would be in the top 99% of men who don’t have a clue about the women in their lives. Many time the information in books on female psychology like these has helped me understand what has happened in my relationships

And that removes a lot of the negative emotion and guesswork that I see many guys still doing. My advice is to buy all of these and save yourself the 5 years of rejection and family visits alone. But that’s just me.

If you have a question about any of the resources above, then contact me here

My 10 Best Books on Pleasing a Woman – An Updated List

Books on how to please a woman - Woman sitting on edge of bed

Books on how to please a woman - Woman sitting on edge of bed

LEARNING ABOUT WOMEN ISN’T LIKE learning about other subjects

  • You can’t really ask her what she wants (she doesn’t know)
  • It’s hard to find other guys who will actually help you
  • And your friends probably don’t know what to do either

It can feel like you are either born with it or you aren’t

But rest assured there is help for the rest of us. Here are 10 books, videos, and other resources, to help you really understand what’s going on with her…

And how to make her happy, and loyal. Go through these and you will be the man that she will always remember, and never want to leave

1. She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman – Ian Kerner

Are you  “Ill-Clit-erate?”

If you are like most guys you may have far more idea of what hides under the hood of your car or the box on your computer than what goes on under the hood of the female clitoris.

Ian explains that for a woman, sex is more than foreplay and intercourse; it’s a complete package from start to climax.

She Comes First is a virtual encyclopedia of how to pleasure a woman, covering dozens of techniques that have been proven to work time and time again. Learning how to pleasure a woman can turn you into the man that she can’t stop thinking about.

Get your copy of She Comes First here

Pros Cons
Contains detailed instructions Poorly organized
Covers the art and science behind sex Repetitive
Shows you how to succeed without toys Deals mainly with oral sex

2. The Way of the Superior Man – David Deida

How to become a man’s man and more

In “The Way of the Superior Man,” author David Deida takes an in-depth look at every aspect of men’s lives.

He covers issues such as career and family, love and spirituality, and women and love. Deida offers advice designed to help men learn how to live a more masculine life. One of authenticity, integrity, and freedom.

The chapters are short and to the point, making the book easy to read. Providing you read the entire book and apply the lessons, you will find yourself becoming a far more confident man who is ready to take charge of his life.

I have this book in my bookshelf, you can get your copy here

Pros Cons
Chapters are short and to the point Ideas are somewhat archaic  
Helpful for those looking to build a long-term relationship Repetitive and excessive use of filler
Shows men how to focus on their relationship and to take more responsibility for it Overly simplistic writing style

3. Various DVD’s – Welcomed Consensus

Sex Ed. for visual learners

I know I said books but these DVD’s deserve their place in this list.

I first found Welcomed Consensus a few years ago. And when it comes to teaching sex and the woman’s body, I don’t think anyone does it with as much detail

Personally, I found it valuable because when you are ‘in the moment’ you may only have a small window to get it right. Whereas these DVD’s slow things down and show exactly what you should be doing, for how long, when to stop, etc.

Some may see it as porn, but I would classify it more as ‘instruction manual DVD’

If you need simple instructions with plenty of visuals, then this is the place for you. They have their entire catalog available here, as well as a few choice videos on Amazon

Pros Cons
Extreemly detailed Very graphic (not for everyone)
Simple to understand The production level isn’t great
Answers a lot of questions Videos are shortish (30mins)

4. The Language of Lust – Lawrence LanoffLanguage of Lust - Michael Fiore

Lawrence has written the upgrade most guys are looking for when it comes to getting more and better sex.

The book/program is set around the idea that the physical attraction isn’t everything. In fact, it is only a single part of the experience for a woman, and women get turned on more by the ‘story’ or lead up than by the act.

On the more practical side, there are plenty of techniques which make things easy to remember. It’s a great resource for men, single or partnered.

Get your copy of The Language of Lust here

Pros Cons
Plenty of techniques No hard copy available, only digital
Easy to understand A little dated
60-day money back guarantee Membership site hard to navigate

5. My Secret Garden – Nancy Friday

More than erotica, a real-life view of women’s sexual fantasies

Some see My Secret Garden as one of the most sexually freeing books written, while others see it as no more than pornography

My Secret Garden is in fact “a collection of women’s sexual fantasies,” which due to the nature of the topic is certain to be at least somewhat erotic

Although it’s a little dated, it’s rare that you will find women openly sharing their innermost thoughts, so there are new insights for men here. And I really like how straightforward and honest it has been compiled

My Secret Garden can enhance not only sex lives but also relationships and provide a deeper understanding into the so-called fairer sex. Get your copy here.

Pros Cons
Entertaining read No real practical element
Great insights into women Very graphic language
Informative  Gets a bit weird in parts

6. Sex, Your Woman and You – Don Asterwood

Don Asterwood has put together a real guide on how the average guy can please a woman

And his answer lies in three areas. Having confidence, the correct knowledge and applying the right technique

Much of what we learn from friends and movies is not really correct and doesn’t work as intended. This book aims to dispell those myths and show you what works.

It’s written in a language that’s easy to read and upfront about the advice in it. Get your copy of Sex, Your Woman and You here

Pros Cons
Easy to read Very specific about sexual knowledge
Frank everyday language This author may not be for everyone
Plenty of content in the book Not for advanced ‘users’

7. 500 Lovemaking tips – Michael Webb

500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets

Is the sizzle between you and your woman starting to fade?

If you have been looking for ways to spice up your love life, 500 Lovemaking Tips is sure to help.

Filled with 500 tips & strategies that are easy to put into action, with step-by-step instructions to help ensure you understand each tip. The descriptions are well thought out and easy to follow, with as much detail as is needed to ensure you comprehend the entire concept.

Keeping the spark alight in your relationship can be challenging, especially if you have been together for a long time. By following these tips, you can rekindle the flame and turn it into a towering inferno.

Get your copy of 500 Lovemaking Tips by Michael Webb here

Pros Cons
Based on real-life experiences Takes a lot of reading
Easy to understand Only available as an eBook
Guaranteed results (money back) Can be overwhelming

8. Revolutionary Sex – Alex Allman

revolutionary sex - Alex Allman

Three Ways to Give a Woman the Best Orgasms She Has Ever Had

This is an excellent guide to sex for beginners to help them learn what it takes to truly satisfy a woman in bed.

You will learn how to overcome issues that stop a woman from having an orgasm and men from gaining an erection. Revolutionary Sex teaches you about the female anatomy and how to locate the “G-Spot.”

Learn about “sexual trust” and the importance for a woman to be unable to tell her partner about her sexual needs. Revolutionary Sex explains the importance of oral sex and how to perform it on both men and women.

The book also includes a female and male version as an audiobook. Available here

Pros Cons
Focus is on most important parts of sex Not exactly revolutionary information
Comes with male and female audio version Distinct lack of diagrams
Detailed instructions Text can be challenging to read

9. 100 Great sex games for couples – Michael Webb

100 Great Sex Games for Couples

More fun in the bedroom

100 Great Sex Games for Couples offers more than just 100 games for you and your partner to inject into your sex life.

There are plenty of books that do just that and nothing more. Author Michael scoured the world to find the best sex games, added a few of his own and unleashed it on an unsuspecting public.

The games in this book are refreshingly new, are not complicated or difficult to prepare for, and are neither degrading nor immoral. Treat your partner to some of the hottest sex they have ever experienced and leave them wondering who the new you is.

When your ready to play, your copy of 100 Great Sex Games for Couples is here

Pros Cons
Available as a PDF download Only available online
Easy to understand Contains 33 games and 67 variants
60-day money back guarantee Requires a lot of creativity and imagination

10. Turn Your Wife into Your Own Personal Sex Kitten – Michael Fiore

Text Your Wife Into Bed - Michael Fiore


Text Your Wife into Bed will show you how to have your special lady seeing you as her personal love god all through the power of the simple text message.

Author Michael Fiore teaches you a variety of different ways you can text your wife that will turn them on and make them want you.

Success is achieved by following the four-step process in the book. The process is laid out in easy to understand language. Once you purchase the program, you get an audio file, a video, and the PDF to download. Get yours here

Pros Cons
Easy to follow and understand Success takes time and patience
Proven track record of success Use of “dirty” language
60-day money-back guarantee Only works for those who like texting

In Summary…

If you read, listened to and watched everything here, I cannot see you having a problem with pleasing women in your future

The truth is that pleasing women doesn’t start in the bedroom. It’s the type of man you are and how you treat your woman. I think as a whole, these books and resources reflect that

Now go and study and make that woman feel the way she deserves

If you are looking for resources on how to meet women then these books are more for you

Any questions on this article, the best books on pleasing a woman, contact me here

My Honest and Real Tao of Badass Review – Is it Still Worth Buying?

Tao of Badass Review - Screenshot in the TOB members portal

NOTE: Below is my review of the Tao of Badass program. I purchased the program (see below), went through the material and am providing MY opinion here. This post contains affiliate links. Also note that I use the term program instead of book, eBook, system, etc.

Tao of Badass Review - TOB screenshot on desktop
A screenshot taken on my computer of the Tao of Badass program

I WAS A LITTLE CONCERNED when I purchased Tao of Badass. I thought, this doesn’t really reflect and it’s readers

But then as I started to listen to the audio recording… I heard something that gave me some perspective

That the author, Joshua Pellicer, started his life as a ‘pick up artist’ by discovering what he truly wanted

Which was…

“When I initially started learning this, I was very clear about what  I wanted to get out of it: “I want to gain the ability to attract my wife when I finally meet her.” – Joshua Pellicer, Tao of Badass, pg.6

And I think that readers of can relate to that.

What is the Tao of Badass? – in 3 Sentences

Even though every woman you meet will be a little different, the way women meet men and have sexual relationships follows the same set of steps

The Tao of Badass program covers the steps that men need to follow to take a woman from the first meeting to starting a relationship

It’s a guidebook to helping everyday men understand what women actually want, what they respond to and why they do what they do

The Theory Behind the Tao of Badass (TOB) in 30 Seconds

Early on in the program, the author (Joshua Pellicer) talks about how learning how to attract women is the most important aspect of your life. And I agree.


Because women aren’t all of the same quality. And if you want to have a great relationship with a great woman, then you need to figure out how to give her what she really needs.

The truth is that there aren’t enough great women going around. So they can pick and choose who they want in their life. And they want men who know what they want and can give it to them.

The good news is that as a man, you can ‘plug in’ to the attraction mechanism that is happening in a woman’s brain and use it to create an amazing relationship.

How you do this is covered in the Tao of Badass program, but first lets talk about the author, Joshua Pellicer.

Joshua Pellicer - The tao of badass author
Joshua Pellicer – The Tao of Badass author

Who is Joshua Pellicer?

Joshua Pellicer is (or was) an expert in what is broadly labeled ‘attraction’. This covers how to meet women and start relationships.

He spent years learning how to meet women ‘in the field’ (on the street, in bars or clubs, etc.) and has also spent years teaching other men how to do the same.

Through his program, you learn a little about him, including that he wasn’t always good with women. And he had to take time out of his life to learn about how women work and what they want.

OPINION: The impression that I get (from reading the program and doing some research) is that the Tao of Badass was put together at the height of Joshua’s ‘pick up artist’ career. And that he no longer teaches this information.

The Tao of Badass is everything he learned, passed onto the next generation of guys who want to meet their wife.

Tao of Badass Review - TOB screenshot on desktop
A screenshot taken on my computer of the Tao of Badass program

What You Get

  • The Tao of Badass (150 page eBook)
  • The Tao of Badass Audiobook (Read by Joshua Pellicer)
  • Bonus Chapters:
    1. The friend zone
    2. Monogamy vs Polyamory
    3. Breaking up like a man
    4. Never get cheated on
  • Video Chapters
    1. The badass walk
    2. Qualifying: In Depth
    3. Escalate Sexuality
    4. Demonstrate Value
    5. Build Deep Rapport
  • Badass Texting (Cheat sheet on what to text her)
  • Subliminal Confidence Audios (4 x 10 minute mp3)
  • List of banter lines for difference circumstances
    • Beginning of conversation
    • During conversation
    • ‘Drive-by’ lines
    • And others…

You also get access to the members portal that includes these courses

Tao of Badass Review - Screenshot in the TOB members portal
A screenshot taken inside the Tao of Badass members portal, with access to the program and extra video training

Bonus: Hacking Attraction

Hacking Yourself Intro and Sessions #1-#4 (see image above)

This is a series of video sessions on ‘inner game’ which basically means improving how you think and the person you are.

Bonus Body Language Mastery Course


  1. Eye contact
  2. Touch
  3. Negative Body Language
  4. Psychological Space
  5. Dominant Body Language
  6. Bonus Webinar

Accelerated Seduction Program

  • First Impressions
  • Prepare Smartly Getting Ready
  • Walking in: How to do the Bar Walk
  • Crucial! Reading Her Eyes… and Controlling Yours

Although the program is pictured here as books and CD’s, the Tao of Badass is only available to digitally download in .pdf and .mp3 format

Who the Tao of Badass (TOB) is for:

  • Guys who are new to information around meeting women
    • Trying to find the information you need online can be confusing which costs you time and effort. Programs like TOB help organize and prioritize the information.
  • Guys who want a different perspective on meeting women
    • Joshua has some in-depth ideas that don’t’ get talked about by others in the space.
  • Guys who need to make a commitment to getting this area of their life ‘handled’
    • If you have been lurking on forums but haven’t invested in a program or course yet, then this is a good one to start.

Who TOB is NOT for:

  • This is not a guide to be a player.
    • In fact, Joshua has added a chapter about why being a player is detrimental to meeting your future wife (players aren’t honest with the women they are in relationships with)
  • It’s not a ‘get laid fast’ type program.
    • I’m sure people have different results, some may get great results after a week. However, most will need to work through the program which might take a couple of months depending.

What You Can Expect Out of TOB:

You can probably tell by some of the titles of what’s in the program, but there is plenty more…

  • How to be a man that unconsciously attracts feminine women
  • What the difference is between guys who simply get lucky and guys who get women often
  • One simple technique to read her ‘secret’ hints, signals and messages like a pro
  • What you need to know to determine her (and anyone’s) level of self-confidence, and how it applies to meeting women
  • The way you need to meet and talk to women in a way that attracts them to you
  • What to do to avoid resistance from a woman
  • The 5 pillars of sex appeal
  • What NOT to do when you are talking with a woman that you like
  • Approach anxiety: What exactly is it, and how do you cure it
  • When to know you are on the right track when learning how to meet women
  • How women test men and what to look for if you think you’re ‘being tested’
  • When you can expect a test from a woman and how to beat it
  • The 10 biggest mistakes guys make when they meet women
  • How to create ‘love’ – warning this is like taking the blue pill in the matrix
  • 10’s of fun banter lines you can use when you’ve run out of things to say to keep the conversation light and flirty
  • The game you can play with a woman that will have her opening up to you, in a sexual way
  • An easy to remember the rule for portraying positive and negative body language

And loads more… There is no shortage of content in this program

3 Pros and Cons of the Tao of Badass


1. This program covers A LOT

From inner game to techniques that help build rapport and ‘how love works’… This program goes through the gamut of experiences when meeting women and building relationships are concerned.

If you are having a problem with something or get stuck, the answer lies in the pages (or videos) in this program. There is something for everyone.

Whether you are just starting out and not yet approaching women, or you are starting to meet women buy can’t seem to hook them regularly, or you can’t seem to have a meaningful relationship.

You will get something out of this book, and it will be good content

2. In depth, relevant information (in particular the bonuses)

Joshua Pellicer knows his stuff. The program is filled with info, and it’s not the regular stuff you’re going to read on a blog or forum.

The bonuses in this program are a further great source of information. They are in-depth and there is information here that you won’t really find anywhere else.

Joshua takes the time to explain things in detail such as: ‘why meeting women is different during the daytime, rather than at night’.

I’ve heard a few ‘guru’s’ talk about what the difference is, and I don’t actually think they know. Josh does.

There are videos that go for up to 90 minutes on specific topics like Touch First Impressions and Negative Body Language.

This gives even more content and substance to the program and helps justify the price. Make sure you set aside some time to watch them

Joshua Pellicer is relatable and knowledgeable

Even if you have some experience with meeting women and ‘attraction’, you will learn something here. At the very least get a different perspective and insight into a few areas:

I.e. how to use your body language, or the different stages in a relationship, etc.

And as in the video on his website, Josh is a very open guy. He doesn’t hold things back, he tells embarrassing stories about himself. So it makes the program easier to follow and relate to.

And it can be these last little nuggets of information and tweaks that make all the difference


A little self help-y

There are some elements of this program that are a bit self help-y. There is a section on trying to read a person’s eyes. As in the direction that they look reveals an insight into what they are thinking about.

In this case, the description is a little sketchy, and I very much doubt that someone reading a book like this will ever follow through on becoming a master at this. Because it’s not that relevant.

(In my experience, trying to know everything about and second-guess someone doesn’t work anyway)

Although there is plenty of practical things to do, there is a spattering of self help like this so consider yourself warned if you do buy.

The auto sign up for … i’m not sure

When I bought the program I was signed up for some ongoing forum. But I got an email saying that the forum was closed, and there was a new one. So I’m not sure what i was automatically signed up for.

When I emailed help (support was quite fast and helpful) they cleared things up for me and discontinued my subscription. The subscription is the same price as the program every month, so it’s not cheap.

I would of liked to have had a look at it. It is referred to in the program.

NOTE: The parts that are referred to in the program, are now in the members portal.

The formatting of the book is… not how I would have done it

If you want to find something, it can be a little difficult.

There aren’t any subheadings, bullet points aren’t highlighted, and everything kind of looks the same. There’s also no pictures for those like me who like a picture (even if it is a stock one)

It does make going back and finding that one thing you wanted to know quite difficult.

My Tao of Badass Review (Overall Opinion):

Although this program is a little dated, the information in it is very good and still relevant today. It’s also not common information that you’d read on every type of blog, forum or ‘help video’.

It’s easy to see that this system has been put together through Joshua’s experience.

Although some things I read in research for this review didn’t show Joshua in a positive light (he’s a scam artist, his stuff doesn’t work, etc.) I personally, i like that fact that he is a ‘realist’ and is a real person throughout his program.

And being someone who met his wife in a bar using techniques like these I can tell you that yes, they do work.

Another thing to note is that this program is simple to follow, but depending on where you are coming from it isn’t necessarily going to be easy.

Although programs like the Tao of Badass do make easier.

Should You the Buy Tao of Badass?

The Tao of Badass will give you plenty of new knowledge on the subject as well as the inspiration and motivation to go out and start auditioning girls for the role of your wife.

This guide is a great starting place for any man looking to meet Miss Right. As well as a different perspective for those who are a little more advanced on how to meet and meet the woman of your dreams and date your future wife.

I recommend it to you (although you will probably want to cancel the forum membership)

You can get your copy here.

You can read my other articles about the different courses and programs I have reviewed here

If you have any questions about TOB then you can contact me here and I will get back to you