My No-Holes-Barred Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review - Andrew Ryan

NOTE: My name is Randy and this is my personal review of the Modern Day Magnetic Attraction program by Andrew Ryan. I have written this entire review and it is solely my opinion and not endorsed in any way by Andrew or anyone else. The program was given to me by Andrew looking for a review. The links are affiliate links.

A screenshot of the Modern Day Magnetic Attraction (MDMA) downloads on my computer

EVER WONDERED HOW some guys make it seem so effortless?

It can be hard when you’re just starting out and struggling

  • Getting rejected
  • Going home alone
  • Feeling like you need to do all the work with women to get their attention
  • Not knowing what works and what doesn’t

I remember I used to think that getting a woman’s attention was like playing an old video game (like Super Mario Bros.)… Where one quick slip means starting all over again

But just like those old video games, if you can have someone show you how to beat the levels, it can go a long way to helping you finish the game

Because a lot of time the solution is somewhere you weren’t looking, somehow you didn’t expect or something you couldn’t possibly know…

The Mondern Day Magnetic Attraction Logo 

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction (MDMA) is a program around meeting and dating beautiful women put together by Andrew Ryan

It’s about understanding how the dating world works for men today, and how to stop chasing women and have them chase you instead

And if you have watched the video on the website then you know that Andrew reveals this as a scientific secret called ‘Preselection’

But before I talk more about the content in the program and reveal what preselection is (to those who don’t know or can’t remember), let’s take a look at who Andrew Ryan really is and what qualifies him to teach a program like this…

Who is Andrew Ryan

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review - Andrew Ryan

In his program, Andrew Ryan is an honest and up-front guy. In fact i’d describe him as your typical ‘nice guy’

And I’d describe his style of teaching as quite gentle and laid back while at the same time simple to understand

He reveals in a video that he worked under Joshua Pelicier (from Tao of Badass fame) as an instructor. This is the guy who would take groups of men out to bars and clubs to show them how to meet women

He was also a coach (and still is from what I can tell) for guys on how to meet and date beautiful women

In his Mp3 series he divulges about his life living as a ‘polyamorous’ man (a guy who dates more than one woman at a time). I put that here because I think a lot of guys would be curious to know about that lifestyle, even if it isn’t something that you don’t want for yourself

But just because he is a little alternative, I wouldn’t describe him as hippyish, but more welcoming, laid back and accepting

The Style of the Program

Anyone who has read much on the topic of ‘how to meet women’ knows that there is a big emphasis on ‘exactly what to say’. Word by word lines etc.

And if that is you, you won’t be disappointed here. There are plenty of examples and even some bonuses which only contain examples

But Andrew’s style is less about what is being said and more about letting your body language do a lot of the work

It’s more about being playful, fun and making women want to get to know you more

This is how Andrew uses the principle of preselection. As revealed in the video on the website, preselection is that when a woman believes that other women want to sleep with you, then she will want to sleep with you.

Andrew leverages this psychological principle to the max when out meeting women for two reasons:

  • Less friction and confrontation when meeting women
  • Rejection proof 

In his program, he talks about how to be completely rejection proof, and this style comes out of that

His program also places a high value on honesty which i think a lot of Meeting Miss Right readers will like to here

Examples of things you will learn in MDMA:

  • How to get a group of women talking about you, without you even there
  • The easy way to think about attraction and how to instil it in women
  • The dating myth that kills her sexy thoughts of you
  • Where strength comes from in an interaction and why most men never get there
  • What’s missing in your approach when girls keep flaking on you and what to do about it
  • The 3 steps women must go through when they meet a man and what happens when you skip one
  • The 3 archetypes that successful men go through when they meet women (the first two aren’t what you think)
  • Why most guys freak out when it gets to close the deal
  • The ‘Time Warp’ Effect and 2 other ways to speed up trust in an interaction
  • And plenty more…

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction (MDMA) – What You Get…

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review - Screenshot in Members Area

After you purchase MDMA you will be sent a link and a login and password code via email. Follow the instructions and you’ll find a membership area where you will find:

30 Videos

Straight forward, in camera video’s that are no longer than 23 minutes. They are organised into 6 different sections that make navigating the members section quite easy. The videos are the core of this program.

They start with the basics of Andrew’s MDMA system, and go through the different main concepts: Core principles, Attraction, Bonding, Closing and Relationship Balance

Each individual video is summed up by one idea, which makes it easier to follow and identify as the idea is in headline format above the video

9 Ebooks

There are some small and some larger Ebooks in PDF format. Some are used as cheat sheets to help you remember, and others introduce new ideas entirely. See below for bonuses and more information

4 Mp3’s

3 of these are a series on dating more than one woman at a time (honestly and ethically as he says), the other one is a ‘rampage of self confidence’. There is more information on both of these below.

+1 Free T-shirt

Andrew’s ‘Flirt Shirts’ are available. There are many to choose from, along with different colors and sizes of shirts. Just a note, you will need to pay taxes and shipping to get your shirt. How to get it is explained in a video.

The PROS and CONS of Modern Day Magnetic Attraction

PROS (4)

1 – Advice for today

There’s quite a lot of ‘pickup’ or ‘how to meet girls’ type literature out there, however much of it is dated. It can be 10 years old, and although the ‘classics’ are good to read, there are subtleties and little things that are different today than 10 years ago.

Think about smartphones, Netflix or Uber 10 years ago. They were completely different. And although men meeting women is a constant, there have been some changes in what works and what doesn’t over that time

Like, for example the games that ‘pickup’ artists used to play with girls they would meet (i.e. F#ck, Marry Kill). There are many that simply don’t work anymore. They come across as someone who tries to hard…

And girls simply haven’t heard of these games

Andrew’s course is current and more ‘modern’. He recorded it in 2018

Andrew covers many of the tried and true principles of dating, as well as some you won’t have heard of before and the topics of lifestyle, which doesn’t get talked about as much as it should

2 – Well organised and delivered

The program is easy to follow and simple to use. Everything is labelled, names of videos and other resources are named so you know what’s inside them. There also isn’t any stuffing around with donwloading large files that can happen with slower internet connection and older programs.

3 – Great strategies for change

This is probably my favorite thing about this program, although it may seem small to some. Andrew has some good strategies for making yourself better and taking action. He makes doing something about it simple. Typically by making the thing a game or by keeping the idea very simple.

Some programs I’ve gone through in the past can make you beat yourself up because you can’t do what is supposedly ‘easy’. There isn’t any of that here.

If you have had a problem taking action, I strongly recommend you go here and get started on this program now

4 – Nice Guys Finish First

I called Andrew a nice guy before. And a lot of guys who have been reading ‘how to meet women’ type material can get a bit jaded over time. They can think that you need to be a bastard. ‘Treat em mean, keep em keen’ is one saying that I’ve heard.

But this isn’t true and Andrew is proof. You don’t have to be a ‘prick/bastard’ to date beautiful women. You can be a nice guy and get what you want. I think this will be an ‘Alleluia/Thank God’ moment for some guys who thought they couldn’t be themselves and meet women.

If this is you then you should go straight to the website through this link and get started now.

CONS (4)

1 – No Real Reference To Daytime Meeting

Although not directly stated, it’s easy to get the impression from the program that Andrew goes out at night to meet women. He does meet women in bars and pubs, but he also likes to party and create social circles. If this isn’t you then you will still learn some things but you might want to try something else (like this course from a daytime specialist)

2 – No New Magic Tricks

If you buy a lot of pick up products then you probably know that the main stuff stays the same. This program is no different. However, I will say that this program is quite detailed and refined. More than others I have reviewed and bought

3 – One Way to Do It

This program is focused around meeting women at parties, bars and clubs (as stated before). But even then there is more than one way to do it.

I like Andrews ideas but they won’t necessarily be right for everyone. He is a happy go lucky guy who likes to go with the flow (that’s the impression that I get anyhow). Anyone who needs a rigid structure may not be suited to the program.

4 – A Little Bit of Self Help

There are some techniques like the ‘rampage of self confidence’ that have you working on yourself.

You don’t have to do them but I think they are a good idea. I only put this here because some people don’t like doing exercises like these, and if you’re not going to do them then you are pretty much wasting your time.

You need confidence to be able to meet women, and if you aren’t confident then this is how you can start.


Conversation Crack Bonus

59 Page eBook that is easy to understand

It’s not all new but there are phrases you can say verbatim which will help you along. Great for guys who find it hard keep the conversation going. This guide will help you keep it going and keep her attracted to you at the same time

  • The #1 rule that you must never break
  • 7 conversations that will have her exactly where you want her

The Perfect Date Blueprint

Short 16 page PDF document that divulges

  • Good date ideas
  • Bad date ideas
  • Date obstacles to avoid and how to avoid them

And an example timeline of a date including when to invite her over and how long it should last.

33 Done-for-You Text Conversations

36 Page eBook that is literally copy and pasted text message conversations that Andrew (i’m assuming) has had with girls. Some of them he must have met in person and some over a dating app from reading the conversations. A little  voyeuristic for me but if you want to know what is actually said etc, then this is right up your alley.

Friend Zone to End Zone

12 page PDF strategy guide for guys who have fallen into the friend zone. 3 relatively easy to follow steps (although some may find the first step of sleeping with other women tougher than others)

Although she is a girl you really like, she still wants a man. This guide can help you in that situation

Passing Women’s Tests

12 Page short guide on the different tests women do to men and how to pass them

Truth is that every guy gets tested. The 2 types of tests covered in this book are:

  • Compliance
  • Congruence

There are some examples of what to say, why women test men and how to get around it.

I usually just say no to women when they try to do this stuff, the examples in this guide are a little cute for me but they may work for you

How to Date Multiple Women (Honestly and Ethically)

This mp3 series was recorded between Andrew and his friend Brad whilst driving.

The information is really for people who are thinking of trying to date more than one woman at a time (which is a good idea for guys who are even thinking of finding one girl and settling down BTW)

They give a few hints, a few what not to do’s and why you shouldn’t lie to women about other women (and how you should actually let them know)

I liked some of the info, although it goes on a bit long and is a bit too casual for mine


This is a good, more up to date program than the other ‘how to meet women’ books and programs that i have seen out there

Andrew is experienced, well versed and he also is a good teacher.

There’s only so far you can go with an online course, but having said that there are some insights that you will have going through this material

It is well organised so it’s easy to come back to and go through the bit that you want to know

It would probably take you an afternoon and evening to go through the whole thing if you wanted to speed through it.


I think if you are after some guidance in the first part of your relationship (i.e. meeting women) then this is a good program to get.

It’s straight forward enough and simple to follow that you will get a good grounding in it. And it covers the topics of attraction and first meeting women which is crucial for guys who don’t have a steady stream of women in their lives already.

As you can tell I enjoyed going through the content of the course and yes, I do recommend it. You can get your copy from here. And if you have any questions then ask me here

Thanks for reading my Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review

My Honest and Real Tao of Badass Review – Is it Still Worth Buying?

Tao of Badass Review - Screenshot in the TOB members portal

NOTE: Below is my review of the Tao of Badass program. I purchased the program (see below), went through the material and am providing MY opinion here. This post contains affiliate links. Also note that I use the term program instead of book, eBook, system, etc.

Tao of Badass Review - TOB screenshot on desktop
A screenshot taken on my computer of the Tao of Badass program

I WAS A LITTLE CONCERNED when I purchased Tao of Badass. I thought, this doesn’t really reflect and it’s readers

But then as I started to listen to the audio recording… I heard something that gave me some perspective

That the author, Joshua Pellicer, started his life as a ‘pick up artist’ by discovering what he truly wanted

Which was…

“When I initially started learning this, I was very clear about what  I wanted to get out of it: “I want to gain the ability to attract my wife when I finally meet her.” – Joshua Pellicer, Tao of Badass, pg.6

And I think that readers of can relate to that.

What is the Tao of Badass? – in 3 Sentences

Even though every woman you meet will be a little different, the way women meet men and have sexual relationships follows the same set of steps

The Tao of Badass program covers the steps that men need to follow to take a woman from the first meeting to starting a relationship

It’s a guidebook to helping everyday men understand what women actually want, what they respond to and why they do what they do

The Theory Behind the Tao of Badass (TOB) in 30 Seconds

Early on in the program, the author (Joshua Pellicer) talks about how learning how to attract women is the most important aspect of your life. And I agree.


Because women aren’t all of the same quality. And if you want to have a great relationship with a great woman, then you need to figure out how to give her what she really needs.

The truth is that there aren’t enough great women going around. So they can pick and choose who they want in their life. And they want men who know what they want and can give it to them.

The good news is that as a man, you can ‘plug in’ to the attraction mechanism that is happening in a woman’s brain and use it to create an amazing relationship.

How you do this is covered in the Tao of Badass program, but first lets talk about the author, Joshua Pellicer.

Joshua Pellicer - The tao of badass author
Joshua Pellicer – The Tao of Badass author

Who is Joshua Pellicer?

Joshua Pellicer is (or was) an expert in what is broadly labeled ‘attraction’. This covers how to meet women and start relationships.

He spent years learning how to meet women ‘in the field’ (on the street, in bars or clubs, etc.) and has also spent years teaching other men how to do the same.

Through his program, you learn a little about him, including that he wasn’t always good with women. And he had to take time out of his life to learn about how women work and what they want.

OPINION: The impression that I get (from reading the program and doing some research) is that the Tao of Badass was put together at the height of Joshua’s ‘pick up artist’ career. And that he no longer teaches this information.

The Tao of Badass is everything he learned, passed onto the next generation of guys who want to meet their wife.

Tao of Badass Review - TOB screenshot on desktop
A screenshot taken on my computer of the Tao of Badass program

What You Get

  • The Tao of Badass (150 page eBook)
  • The Tao of Badass Audiobook (Read by Joshua Pellicer)
  • Bonus Chapters:
    1. The friend zone
    2. Monogamy vs Polyamory
    3. Breaking up like a man
    4. Never get cheated on
  • Video Chapters
    1. The badass walk
    2. Qualifying: In Depth
    3. Escalate Sexuality
    4. Demonstrate Value
    5. Build Deep Rapport
  • Badass Texting (Cheat sheet on what to text her)
  • Subliminal Confidence Audios (4 x 10 minute mp3)
  • List of banter lines for difference circumstances
    • Beginning of conversation
    • During conversation
    • ‘Drive-by’ lines
    • And others…

You also get access to the members portal that includes these courses

Tao of Badass Review - Screenshot in the TOB members portal
A screenshot taken inside the Tao of Badass members portal, with access to the program and extra video training

Bonus: Hacking Attraction

Hacking Yourself Intro and Sessions #1-#4 (see image above)

This is a series of video sessions on ‘inner game’ which basically means improving how you think and the person you are.

Bonus Body Language Mastery Course


  1. Eye contact
  2. Touch
  3. Negative Body Language
  4. Psychological Space
  5. Dominant Body Language
  6. Bonus Webinar

Accelerated Seduction Program

  • First Impressions
  • Prepare Smartly Getting Ready
  • Walking in: How to do the Bar Walk
  • Crucial! Reading Her Eyes… and Controlling Yours

Although the program is pictured here as books and CD’s, the Tao of Badass is only available to digitally download in .pdf and .mp3 format

Who the Tao of Badass (TOB) is for:

  • Guys who are new to information around meeting women
    • Trying to find the information you need online can be confusing which costs you time and effort. Programs like TOB help organize and prioritize the information.
  • Guys who want a different perspective on meeting women
    • Joshua has some in-depth ideas that don’t’ get talked about by others in the space.
  • Guys who need to make a commitment to getting this area of their life ‘handled’
    • If you have been lurking on forums but haven’t invested in a program or course yet, then this is a good one to start.

Who TOB is NOT for:

  • This is not a guide to be a player.
    • In fact, Joshua has added a chapter about why being a player is detrimental to meeting your future wife (players aren’t honest with the women they are in relationships with)
  • It’s not a ‘get laid fast’ type program.
    • I’m sure people have different results, some may get great results after a week. However, most will need to work through the program which might take a couple of months depending.

What You Can Expect Out of TOB:

You can probably tell by some of the titles of what’s in the program, but there is plenty more…

  • How to be a man that unconsciously attracts feminine women
  • What the difference is between guys who simply get lucky and guys who get women often
  • One simple technique to read her ‘secret’ hints, signals and messages like a pro
  • What you need to know to determine her (and anyone’s) level of self-confidence, and how it applies to meeting women
  • The way you need to meet and talk to women in a way that attracts them to you
  • What to do to avoid resistance from a woman
  • The 5 pillars of sex appeal
  • What NOT to do when you are talking with a woman that you like
  • Approach anxiety: What exactly is it, and how do you cure it
  • When to know you are on the right track when learning how to meet women
  • How women test men and what to look for if you think you’re ‘being tested’
  • When you can expect a test from a woman and how to beat it
  • The 10 biggest mistakes guys make when they meet women
  • How to create ‘love’ – warning this is like taking the blue pill in the matrix
  • 10’s of fun banter lines you can use when you’ve run out of things to say to keep the conversation light and flirty
  • The game you can play with a woman that will have her opening up to you, in a sexual way
  • An easy to remember the rule for portraying positive and negative body language

And loads more… There is no shortage of content in this program

3 Pros and Cons of the Tao of Badass


1. This program covers A LOT

From inner game to techniques that help build rapport and ‘how love works’… This program goes through the gamut of experiences when meeting women and building relationships are concerned.

If you are having a problem with something or get stuck, the answer lies in the pages (or videos) in this program. There is something for everyone.

Whether you are just starting out and not yet approaching women, or you are starting to meet women buy can’t seem to hook them regularly, or you can’t seem to have a meaningful relationship.

You will get something out of this book, and it will be good content

2. In depth, relevant information (in particular the bonuses)

Joshua Pellicer knows his stuff. The program is filled with info, and it’s not the regular stuff you’re going to read on a blog or forum.

The bonuses in this program are a further great source of information. They are in-depth and there is information here that you won’t really find anywhere else.

Joshua takes the time to explain things in detail such as: ‘why meeting women is different during the daytime, rather than at night’.

I’ve heard a few ‘guru’s’ talk about what the difference is, and I don’t actually think they know. Josh does.

There are videos that go for up to 90 minutes on specific topics like Touch First Impressions and Negative Body Language.

This gives even more content and substance to the program and helps justify the price. Make sure you set aside some time to watch them

Joshua Pellicer is relatable and knowledgeable

Even if you have some experience with meeting women and ‘attraction’, you will learn something here. At the very least get a different perspective and insight into a few areas:

I.e. how to use your body language, or the different stages in a relationship, etc.

And as in the video on his website, Josh is a very open guy. He doesn’t hold things back, he tells embarrassing stories about himself. So it makes the program easier to follow and relate to.

And it can be these last little nuggets of information and tweaks that make all the difference


A little self help-y

There are some elements of this program that are a bit self help-y. There is a section on trying to read a person’s eyes. As in the direction that they look reveals an insight into what they are thinking about.

In this case, the description is a little sketchy, and I very much doubt that someone reading a book like this will ever follow through on becoming a master at this. Because it’s not that relevant.

(In my experience, trying to know everything about and second-guess someone doesn’t work anyway)

Although there is plenty of practical things to do, there is a spattering of self help like this so consider yourself warned if you do buy.

The auto sign up for … i’m not sure

When I bought the program I was signed up for some ongoing forum. But I got an email saying that the forum was closed, and there was a new one. So I’m not sure what i was automatically signed up for.

When I emailed help (support was quite fast and helpful) they cleared things up for me and discontinued my subscription. The subscription is the same price as the program every month, so it’s not cheap.

I would of liked to have had a look at it. It is referred to in the program.

NOTE: The parts that are referred to in the program, are now in the members portal.

The formatting of the book is… not how I would have done it

If you want to find something, it can be a little difficult.

There aren’t any subheadings, bullet points aren’t highlighted, and everything kind of looks the same. There’s also no pictures for those like me who like a picture (even if it is a stock one)

It does make going back and finding that one thing you wanted to know quite difficult.

My Tao of Badass Review (Overall Opinion):

Although this program is a little dated, the information in it is very good and still relevant today. It’s also not common information that you’d read on every type of blog, forum or ‘help video’.

It’s easy to see that this system has been put together through Joshua’s experience.

Although some things I read in research for this review didn’t show Joshua in a positive light (he’s a scam artist, his stuff doesn’t work, etc.) I personally, i like that fact that he is a ‘realist’ and is a real person throughout his program.

And being someone who met his wife in a bar using techniques like these I can tell you that yes, they do work.

Another thing to note is that this program is simple to follow, but depending on where you are coming from it isn’t necessarily going to be easy.

Although programs like the Tao of Badass do make easier.

Should You the Buy Tao of Badass?

The Tao of Badass will give you plenty of new knowledge on the subject as well as the inspiration and motivation to go out and start auditioning girls for the role of your wife.

This guide is a great starting place for any man looking to meet Miss Right. As well as a different perspective for those who are a little more advanced on how to meet and meet the woman of your dreams and date your future wife.

I recommend it to you (although you will probably want to cancel the forum membership)

You can get your copy here.

You can read my other articles about the different courses and programs I have reviewed here

If you have any questions about TOB then you can contact me here and I will get back to you

My Language of Attraction Review – Why You Should & Shouldn’t Get It

Language of Attraction Review - Screenshot of Language of Attraction Product

NOTICE: This review is my own opinion of the Language of Attraction program after purchasing and going through it myself. It contains affiliate links.

Language of Attraction Review - Screenshot of Language of Attraction Product

HAVE YOU EVER run out of things to say?

And then things get awkward and you decide to check out of the conversation your in

Afterwards you scratch your head and ask yourself why?

It’s one of a mans greatest concerns… to run out of things to say. Then we eject ourselves because we feel like were not good enough, or we feel shame at some point.

But guys that are good with women don’t feel this. And they don’t fall into this trap

The truth is that not knowing what to say, not just not having anything to say, will kill your chances with women. Because she will run the conversation if you don’t and she wont talk herself into being attracted to you.

So how do you solve the problem?

Matt Artisan has a lot of ideas on not only what to say, but how to make what you do say, the best so she will be attracted to you and want to see more of you in his Language of Attraction program.

Language of ATtraction Review - The program

What is the Language of Attraction Program (LOA) in one sentence

LOA is a program that is aimed at increasing your conversation skills, that teaches how to use conversation to build a connection and attraction with a woman as well as generally being more of a likable person.

LOA in more detail

This training isn’t about being a player, or notching your belt, it’s about meeting great women and having a great time with them. Making them feel great and giving them what they want.

I think that this suits guys who are looking to meet miss right because you do need to meet women to meet miss right. And this program shows you how to do that (and gives you the confidence to do it)

As far as how is the program delivered goes, LOA is pretty much Matt talking over a PowerPoint. The audios are the audio recording of the video. The cheat sheets are the main points or examples in a PDF form.

The sections are long and are about an hour each (sometimes more) so there is plenty of content.

And the content is quite good. The examples and conversations starters are good. So are the games he gives you to play.

During the program, Matt does talk a lot about you going out and practicing. So you probably should have some experience beforehand. Or be able to go out and do it. Which can be a bit of a big deal for some guys.

There isn’t much in the program about where to practice or how to practice. So if you are at the stage that you cannot meet women yet then this program might be one to visit in future.

What you get…

  • The Language of Attraction Program (Video and Audio, with presentation PDF’s)
  • Cheat sheets
  • Bonuses
    1. Jared Lawrence On Talking To Girls At Bars & Clubs
    2. Josiah Prise On Relating & Never Running Out Of Things To Say
    3. Sexualizing The Conversation

Who is Matt Artisan?

Matt Artisan is a dating coach. He has a plethora of experience and has taught many guys techniques on how to meet and talk to women.

In this program is relatable and his experience really shines through in the way he talks.

In the Language of Attraction, he comes across as a guy who likes to talk and is happy to share.

If your wondering what Matt’s ‘style’ is, he is a ‘meet girls during the day, direct approaching and even hopeless romantic’ type of guy.

Some guys might be put off by this, but you are better knowing now than later. This ‘style’ works for some guys, but not all.


The cheat sheets

They are a quick way to remind yourself what you should be doing. With examples

They are great before you walk out the door, or print them and take them with  you when you have a minute to brush up. Or just hold them out in front of a girl if you have the balls for it.

Plenty of examples and stories

I like the fact that Matt introduces concepts as stories, typically things that have happened to him.

Really Good insights

Matt has a real passion for trying to help men gain confidence and help them with women and you can tell the way that he talks.

He does talk with stories and examples, he also does give plenty of his stuff away in this.

Some of the things in the program are kind of common sense. But i guess it depends on your experience.


Advice can be a little confusing for beginners

Sometimes it can be a little confusing. Especially where advice is given that isn’t concrete. I.e. it isn’t the same all the time. There are exceptions which may confuse.

I also felt like at stages, there hasn’t been as much preparation as their could have been. Ideas and concepts aren’t fully conceptualized in the program. That they could have been made simpler or easier to follow. When things aren’t concrete i think that it does make it more confusing, especially for beginners without much previous knowledge.

A little spiritual / self-helpy at times

At times in the program, Matt talks about self help concepts (affirmations, morning routines, etc.). This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s not a huge part of the program, but it is there.

Some things are a little tough to ‘take action’ on

Like being ‘in the moment’ it’s hard to ‘use’ that. It’s also hard to know if you are doing it. And it’s hard to follow if you are new to going out and meeting women. Because you do need to think about what your going to say etc.

So it can be a little confusing if your thinking ‘what should i focus on’

Some of the exercises you need more than one person, which might be hard for some. They aren’t the kind of thing that you’d do with a girl that you met either.


Jared Lawrence on talking to girls at bars & clubs

Jared reveals the real difference between day and night game and the biggest impacts that the two have on meeting and talking to women.

You will learn:

  • The 5 states that she needs to feel to be attracted to you
  • An easy way to start flirting (that might even get you a free drink)
  • What flirting is and what it is not
  • The vibe that you need to avoid giving off to girls at night
  • What to do when you try to advance too quickly to save your interaction

Josiah Prise on relating & never running out of things to say

Josiah talks about how to keep the conversation going through dissecting the different parts and elements of communication.

You will learn:

  • The 3 pronged system to use to always have something to say
  • The types of questions to use to get her to start being emotional
  • The easiest way to make the standard ‘job interview type’ questions, fun
  • The question you can ask a girl in basically any situation to get her to think about times she felt great
  • What you have to do (that most guys don’t) to raise your success rate when meeting girls during the day

Sexualizing the conversation

Matt Artisan talks about how to move things forward quickly in a conversation, and get her to think about you more as a love interest than a friend

You will learn:

  • What not to do when you are talking about sexual things
  • How to get her permission to ask any sexual question you want
  • What NOT to do when she starts getting sexual in the conversation
  • What you can say at any time to bring up sexual topics
  • How to demonstrate your sexual expertise right in front of her (in a way that’s safe to do around others)

My opinion on LOA:

Overall I like this program. I think that it is an honest, and straightforward way for guys to get some cannon fodder for meeting women and talking.

The Techniques are relatively simple to follow, and won’t take long to get right when your mid conversation with that beautiful brunette.

Matt is a guy who meets women during the day, so if your looking for fun party stuff then this may not be the program for you, however, if you are trying to dodge the party scene and you want to have something to say to the woman waiting at the lights, or walking by the shops, at the library, supermarket etc. then this program contains great information. And i would recommend it for you.

You can get the program here, and if you have any questions about it, then please contact me here.