The Single Man’s Guide to Erogenous Zones in a Woman

Erogenous Zones in a woman

THE SUREST WAY to take your girl to heaven and back is through her erogenous zones.

Erogenous zones are areas of the body that have heightened sensitivity. When you stimulate these areas, you create all the incredible feelings: relaxation, thoughts of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm.

A good mastery of your girl’s erogenous zones will help you take her from zero to gotta-have-it- right now every single time. Unfortunately, even your girl herself may not know the location of all her erogenous zones.

Her Body

The female body is a huge source of immense pleasure; it is a massive bundle of nerves that you can use to send your girl over the edge of deep electrifying desire. The chances are that she has never even thought to explore some of the hot spots in her body.

A good understanding of the female erogenous zones will help you not only discover her amazing hot spots, but also introduce her to hotter ones she didn’t know she had. Here are the top erogenous zones to turn her on and get you a standing ovation.

The neck

The neck is the most sensitive area to light sensations, and one of the sexiest areas to touch, kiss and lick. This is because the skin on the neck is extremely thin, and it, therefore, does not take much to make a woman feel good. Even breathing gently on the nape of her neck will send incredible sensations down her spine. Every feeling on your girl’s neck is greatly magnified. Run the tip of your fingers lightly up and down her neck and watch her squirm.

The beauty of this erogenous zone is that she doesn’t even have to be undressed for you to access it. It is, therefore, a great erogenous zone to start stimulating even before your girl is aroused.

At the nape of the neck, there is a whole boatload of nerves that long to be touched. Remember the nape is the base of the brain where a lot of nerves come together: a sure ticket to arousal.

The inner thighs

The skin on your girl’s inner thighs is super sensitive and packed with nerve endings. This area is therefore extra sensitive to your nips, licks, kisses, and nibbles. If you want to kick it up a notch, trace an ice cube up and down her inner thighs, and she will have an indescribable sensation. The inner thigh makes an excellent field for foreplay.

The feet

Not only are the feet packed with nerve endings, but they contain pleasure points that trigger arousal. No wonder the feet have been used for centuries to stimulate organs through reflexology.

According to sex therapists, the inside and outside of the ankles are especially sensitive spots with numerous nerve endings that correspond directly to the most sensitive erogenous zones of the female body: the uterus and the vagina.

Also, the area below the ankle bones directly corresponds to the ovaries, which are responsible for increasing libido and improving sexual satisfaction. The upper part of the soles of the feet corresponds to the chest, and when you stimulate them, they send waves of sexual arousal to your girl’s nipples and breasts.

Since some women are ticklish on their feet, focus on firm and steady strokes as opposed to light, tickly motions; more like a massage. Place her feet on your lap and start massaging the pads of her feet. Then, use your thumbs to rub upward in a circular motion. Repeat these kneading motions slowly down the length of her foot, then move up again all the way to her toes.

The Ears

According to Emily Morse, a sexologist, ears are highly erotic. Ears are especially sensitive to touch because they contain a massive number of sensory receptors. Start by lightly tracing a C shaped outline of her ear with your fingertips while you are all kissing or gazing into her eyes.

Sex therapists indicate that the earlobe is especially where the magic is: kissing, biting, nibbling, grazing and sucking her earlobe will set off fireworks. Combining these with some other action like clitoral stimulation will intensify her orgasm.

Another way to stimulate the ear is through sound. Do not underestimate the power of a low moan delivered directly into her ear. Why do you think whispering is so sexy?

Her stomach

Sex therapists say that the abdomen is an incredibly erotic area. Firstly, the woman’s abdominal muscles are connected to her vagina. This is the reason why some women have had an orgasm simply from doing core exercises. When you stimulate her abdominal muscles during foreplay, they contract in anticipation of vaginal stimulation, which boosts her arousal.

Again, the stretch of skin between her breasts and the pubic mound is full of nerve endings, and their proximity to her genitals makes the area very sensitive to touch. Light stimulation of the lower abdomen facilitates blood flow to her genitals.

The proximity of the lower abdomen to the vagina and the clitoris makes the thought of moving further south particularly exciting for your woman. Start stroking your fingers slowly up and down her stomach or across her lower abdomen. This will stimulate blood flow to her genitals. Let your strokes get progressively lower and lower closer to her sexual organs and then come back up. This anticipation will build her arousal until she is begging you for more direct stimulation.

Her scalp

The skin on top of the head is loaded with nerves, which sex experts indicate are extremely sensitive to touch. Giving your woman a scalp massage is not only soothing but also sensual. Stimulating your girl’s scalp releases a load of feel-good hormones like oxytocin and serotonin. It also helps to release tension and get her in the mood for sex.

The next time you are having a foreplay session, open your fingers wide and slowly drag them through her hair. Stroke her scalp with your figures as you move along. Start at the base of her head, and then go behind her ears, moving on to the front of her scalp.

The Mons

According to Michael Krychman, a sex therapist, the Mons (the area above the genitals) is a richly erotic area. Caressing the hair on the pubic mound or a gentle touch to this area is exciting and pleasurable to your girl.

Remember, your woman’s pubic mound is closely connected to her sexual organs and, therefore, stimulating it triggers a strong sexual response. Shannon Chavez, a sex therapist, asserts that stimulating the pubic mound leads to the production of pheromones that triggers an incredible sexual response in your woman.

Over To You

Sex can be monotonous, especially if you do not take time to know your woman’s body. Learning the location of the various erogenous zones is a significant step towards spicing up your love life.

Unfortunately, even your woman may not be a good student of her body, and she, therefore, may not of much help with this one. There is every possibility that she is not aware of most of her erogenous zones.

The key is communicating with your woman as you explore her body. This way, you will transform your sex life into a spicy, steamy affair.

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing how to pleasure your woman thoroughly.

My 10 Best Books on Pleasing a Woman – An Updated List

Books on how to please a woman - Woman sitting on edge of bed

Books on how to please a woman - Woman sitting on edge of bed

LEARNING ABOUT WOMEN ISN’T LIKE learning about other subjects

  • You can’t really ask her what she wants (she doesn’t know)
  • It’s hard to find other guys who will actually help you
  • And your friends probably don’t know what to do either

It can feel like you are either born with it or you aren’t

But rest assured there is help for the rest of us. Here are 10 books, videos, and other resources, to help you really understand what’s going on with her…

And how to make her happy, and loyal. Go through these and you will be the man that she will always remember, and never want to leave

1. She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman – Ian Kerner

Are you  “Ill-Clit-erate?”

If you are like most guys you may have far more idea of what hides under the hood of your car or the box on your computer than what goes on under the hood of the female clitoris.

Ian explains that for a woman, sex is more than foreplay and intercourse; it’s a complete package from start to climax.

She Comes First is a virtual encyclopedia of how to pleasure a woman, covering dozens of techniques that have been proven to work time and time again. Learning how to pleasure a woman can turn you into the man that she can’t stop thinking about.

Get your copy of She Comes First here

Pros Cons
Contains detailed instructions Poorly organized
Covers the art and science behind sex Repetitive
Shows you how to succeed without toys Deals mainly with oral sex

2. The Way of the Superior Man – David Deida

How to become a man’s man and more

In “The Way of the Superior Man,” author David Deida takes an in-depth look at every aspect of men’s lives.

He covers issues such as career and family, love and spirituality, and women and love. Deida offers advice designed to help men learn how to live a more masculine life. One of authenticity, integrity, and freedom.

The chapters are short and to the point, making the book easy to read. Providing you read the entire book and apply the lessons, you will find yourself becoming a far more confident man who is ready to take charge of his life.

I have this book in my bookshelf, you can get your copy here

Pros Cons
Chapters are short and to the point Ideas are somewhat archaic  
Helpful for those looking to build a long-term relationship Repetitive and excessive use of filler
Shows men how to focus on their relationship and to take more responsibility for it Overly simplistic writing style

3. Various DVD’s – Welcomed Consensus

Sex Ed. for visual learners

I know I said books but these DVD’s deserve their place in this list.

I first found Welcomed Consensus a few years ago. And when it comes to teaching sex and the woman’s body, I don’t think anyone does it with as much detail

Personally, I found it valuable because when you are ‘in the moment’ you may only have a small window to get it right. Whereas these DVD’s slow things down and show exactly what you should be doing, for how long, when to stop, etc.

Some may see it as porn, but I would classify it more as ‘instruction manual DVD’

If you need simple instructions with plenty of visuals, then this is the place for you. They have their entire catalog available here, as well as a few choice videos on Amazon

Pros Cons
Extreemly detailed Very graphic (not for everyone)
Simple to understand The production level isn’t great
Answers a lot of questions Videos are shortish (30mins)

4. The Language of Lust – Lawrence LanoffLanguage of Lust - Michael Fiore

Lawrence has written the upgrade most guys are looking for when it comes to getting more and better sex.

The book/program is set around the idea that the physical attraction isn’t everything. In fact, it is only a single part of the experience for a woman, and women get turned on more by the ‘story’ or lead up than by the act.

On the more practical side, there are plenty of techniques which make things easy to remember. It’s a great resource for men, single or partnered.

Get your copy of The Language of Lust here

Pros Cons
Plenty of techniques No hard copy available, only digital
Easy to understand A little dated
60-day money back guarantee Membership site hard to navigate

5. My Secret Garden – Nancy Friday

More than erotica, a real-life view of women’s sexual fantasies

Some see My Secret Garden as one of the most sexually freeing books written, while others see it as no more than pornography

My Secret Garden is in fact “a collection of women’s sexual fantasies,” which due to the nature of the topic is certain to be at least somewhat erotic

Although it’s a little dated, it’s rare that you will find women openly sharing their innermost thoughts, so there are new insights for men here. And I really like how straightforward and honest it has been compiled

My Secret Garden can enhance not only sex lives but also relationships and provide a deeper understanding into the so-called fairer sex. Get your copy here.

Pros Cons
Entertaining read No real practical element
Great insights into women Very graphic language
Informative  Gets a bit weird in parts

6. Sex, Your Woman and You – Don Asterwood

Don Asterwood has put together a real guide on how the average guy can please a woman

And his answer lies in three areas. Having confidence, the correct knowledge and applying the right technique

Much of what we learn from friends and movies is not really correct and doesn’t work as intended. This book aims to dispell those myths and show you what works.

It’s written in a language that’s easy to read and upfront about the advice in it. Get your copy of Sex, Your Woman and You here

Pros Cons
Easy to read Very specific about sexual knowledge
Frank everyday language This author may not be for everyone
Plenty of content in the book Not for advanced ‘users’

7. 500 Lovemaking tips – Michael Webb

500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets

Is the sizzle between you and your woman starting to fade?

If you have been looking for ways to spice up your love life, 500 Lovemaking Tips is sure to help.

Filled with 500 tips & strategies that are easy to put into action, with step-by-step instructions to help ensure you understand each tip. The descriptions are well thought out and easy to follow, with as much detail as is needed to ensure you comprehend the entire concept.

Keeping the spark alight in your relationship can be challenging, especially if you have been together for a long time. By following these tips, you can rekindle the flame and turn it into a towering inferno.

Get your copy of 500 Lovemaking Tips by Michael Webb here

Pros Cons
Based on real-life experiences Takes a lot of reading
Easy to understand Only available as an eBook
Guaranteed results (money back) Can be overwhelming

8. Revolutionary Sex – Alex Allman

revolutionary sex - Alex Allman

Three Ways to Give a Woman the Best Orgasms She Has Ever Had

This is an excellent guide to sex for beginners to help them learn what it takes to truly satisfy a woman in bed.

You will learn how to overcome issues that stop a woman from having an orgasm and men from gaining an erection. Revolutionary Sex teaches you about the female anatomy and how to locate the “G-Spot.”

Learn about “sexual trust” and the importance for a woman to be unable to tell her partner about her sexual needs. Revolutionary Sex explains the importance of oral sex and how to perform it on both men and women.

The book also includes a female and male version as an audiobook. Available here

Pros Cons
Focus is on most important parts of sex Not exactly revolutionary information
Comes with male and female audio version Distinct lack of diagrams
Detailed instructions Text can be challenging to read

9. 100 Great sex games for couples – Michael Webb

100 Great Sex Games for Couples

More fun in the bedroom

100 Great Sex Games for Couples offers more than just 100 games for you and your partner to inject into your sex life.

There are plenty of books that do just that and nothing more. Author Michael scoured the world to find the best sex games, added a few of his own and unleashed it on an unsuspecting public.

The games in this book are refreshingly new, are not complicated or difficult to prepare for, and are neither degrading nor immoral. Treat your partner to some of the hottest sex they have ever experienced and leave them wondering who the new you is.

When your ready to play, your copy of 100 Great Sex Games for Couples is here

Pros Cons
Available as a PDF download Only available online
Easy to understand Contains 33 games and 67 variants
60-day money back guarantee Requires a lot of creativity and imagination

10. Turn Your Wife into Your Own Personal Sex Kitten – Michael Fiore

Text Your Wife Into Bed - Michael Fiore


Text Your Wife into Bed will show you how to have your special lady seeing you as her personal love god all through the power of the simple text message.

Author Michael Fiore teaches you a variety of different ways you can text your wife that will turn them on and make them want you.

Success is achieved by following the four-step process in the book. The process is laid out in easy to understand language. Once you purchase the program, you get an audio file, a video, and the PDF to download. Get yours here

Pros Cons
Easy to follow and understand Success takes time and patience
Proven track record of success Use of “dirty” language
60-day money-back guarantee Only works for those who like texting

In Summary…

If you read, listened to and watched everything here, I cannot see you having a problem with pleasing women in your future

The truth is that pleasing women doesn’t start in the bedroom. It’s the type of man you are and how you treat your woman. I think as a whole, these books and resources reflect that

Now go and study and make that woman feel the way she deserves

If you are looking for resources on how to meet women then these books are more for you

Any questions on this article, the best books on pleasing a woman, contact me here