My No-Holes-Barred Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review

NOTE: My name is Randy and this is my personal review of the Modern Day Magnetic Attraction program by Andrew Ryan. I have written this entire review and it is solely my opinion and not endorsed in any way by Andrew or anyone else. The program was given to me by Andrew looking for a review. The links are affiliate links.

A screenshot of the Modern Day Magnetic Attraction (MDMA) downloads on my computer

EVER WONDERED HOW some guys make it seem so effortless?

It can be hard when you’re just starting out and struggling

  • Getting rejected
  • Going home alone
  • Feeling like you need to do all the work with women to get their attention
  • Not knowing what works and what doesn’t

I remember I used to think that getting a woman’s attention was like playing an old video game (like Super Mario Bros.)… Where one quick slip means starting all over again

But just like those old video games, if you can have someone show you how to beat the levels, it can go a long way to helping you finish the game

Because a lot of time the solution is somewhere you weren’t looking, somehow you didn’t expect or something you couldn’t possibly know…

The Mondern Day Magnetic Attraction Logo 

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction (MDMA) is a program around meeting and dating beautiful women put together by Andrew Ryan

It’s about understanding how the dating world works for men today, and how to stop chasing women and have them chase you instead

And if you have watched the video on the website then you know that Andrew reveals this as a scientific secret called ‘Preselection’

But before I talk more about the content in the program and reveal what preselection is (to those who don’t know or can’t remember), let’s take a look at who Andrew Ryan really is and what qualifies him to teach a program like this…

Who is Andrew Ryan

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review - Andrew Ryan

In his program, Andrew Ryan is an honest and up-front guy. In fact i’d describe him as your typical ‘nice guy’

And I’d describe his style of teaching as quite gentle and laid back while at the same time simple to understand

He reveals in a video that he worked under Joshua Pelicier (from Tao of Badass fame) as an instructor. This is the guy who would take groups of men out to bars and clubs to show them how to meet women

He was also a coach (and still is from what I can tell) for guys on how to meet and date beautiful women

In his Mp3 series he divulges about his life living as a ‘polyamorous’ man (a guy who dates more than one woman at a time). I put that here because I think a lot of guys would be curious to know about that lifestyle, even if it isn’t something that you don’t want for yourself

But just because he is a little alternative, I wouldn’t describe him as hippyish, but more welcoming, laid back and accepting

The Style of the Program

Anyone who has read much on the topic of ‘how to meet women’ knows that there is a big emphasis on ‘exactly what to say’. Word by word lines etc.

And if that is you, you won’t be disappointed here. There are plenty of examples and even some bonuses which only contain examples

But Andrew’s style is less about what is being said and more about letting your body language do a lot of the work

It’s more about being playful, fun and making women want to get to know you more

This is how Andrew uses the principle of preselection. As revealed in the video on the website, preselection is that when a woman believes that other women want to sleep with you, then she will want to sleep with you.

Andrew leverages this psychological principle to the max when out meeting women for two reasons:

  • Less friction and confrontation when meeting women
  • Rejection proof 

In his program, he talks about how to be completely rejection proof, and this style comes out of that

His program also places a high value on honesty which i think a lot of Meeting Miss Right readers will like to here

Examples of things you will learn in MDMA:

  • How to get a group of women talking about you, without you even there
  • The easy way to think about attraction and how to instil it in women
  • The dating myth that kills her sexy thoughts of you
  • Where strength comes from in an interaction and why most men never get there
  • What’s missing in your approach when girls keep flaking on you and what to do about it
  • The 3 steps women must go through when they meet a man and what happens when you skip one
  • The 3 archetypes that successful men go through when they meet women (the first two aren’t what you think)
  • Why most guys freak out when it gets to close the deal
  • The ‘Time Warp’ Effect and 2 other ways to speed up trust in an interaction
  • And plenty more…

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction (MDMA) – What You Get…

Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review - Screenshot in Members Area

After you purchase MDMA you will be sent a link and a login and password code via email. Follow the instructions and you’ll find a membership area where you will find:

30 Videos

Straight forward, in camera video’s that are no longer than 23 minutes. They are organised into 6 different sections that make navigating the members section quite easy. The videos are the core of this program.

They start with the basics of Andrew’s MDMA system, and go through the different main concepts: Core principles, Attraction, Bonding, Closing and Relationship Balance

Each individual video is summed up by one idea, which makes it easier to follow and identify as the idea is in headline format above the video

9 Ebooks

There are some small and some larger Ebooks in PDF format. Some are used as cheat sheets to help you remember, and others introduce new ideas entirely. See below for bonuses and more information

4 Mp3’s

3 of these are a series on dating more than one woman at a time (honestly and ethically as he says), the other one is a ‘rampage of self confidence’. There is more information on both of these below.

+1 Free T-shirt

Andrew’s ‘Flirt Shirts’ are available. There are many to choose from, along with different colors and sizes of shirts. Just a note, you will need to pay taxes and shipping to get your shirt. How to get it is explained in a video.

The PROS and CONS of Modern Day Magnetic Attraction

PROS (4)

1 – Advice for today

There’s quite a lot of ‘pickup’ or ‘how to meet girls’ type literature out there, however much of it is dated. It can be 10 years old, and although the ‘classics’ are good to read, there are subtleties and little things that are different today than 10 years ago.

Think about smartphones, Netflix or Uber 10 years ago. They were completely different. And although men meeting women is a constant, there have been some changes in what works and what doesn’t over that time

Like, for example the games that ‘pickup’ artists used to play with girls they would meet (i.e. F#ck, Marry Kill). There are many that simply don’t work anymore. They come across as someone who tries to hard…

And girls simply haven’t heard of these games

Andrew’s course is current and more ‘modern’. He recorded it in 2018

Andrew covers many of the tried and true principles of dating, as well as some you won’t have heard of before and the topics of lifestyle, which doesn’t get talked about as much as it should

2 – Well organised and delivered

The program is easy to follow and simple to use. Everything is labelled, names of videos and other resources are named so you know what’s inside them. There also isn’t any stuffing around with donwloading large files that can happen with slower internet connection and older programs.

3 – Great strategies for change

This is probably my favorite thing about this program, although it may seem small to some. Andrew has some good strategies for making yourself better and taking action. He makes doing something about it simple. Typically by making the thing a game or by keeping the idea very simple.

Some programs I’ve gone through in the past can make you beat yourself up because you can’t do what is supposedly ‘easy’. There isn’t any of that here.

If you have had a problem taking action, I strongly recommend you go here and get started on this program now

4 – Nice Guys Finish First

I called Andrew a nice guy before. And a lot of guys who have been reading ‘how to meet women’ type material can get a bit jaded over time. They can think that you need to be a bastard. ‘Treat em mean, keep em keen’ is one saying that I’ve heard.

But this isn’t true and Andrew is proof. You don’t have to be a ‘prick/bastard’ to date beautiful women. You can be a nice guy and get what you want. I think this will be an ‘Alleluia/Thank God’ moment for some guys who thought they couldn’t be themselves and meet women.

If this is you then you should go straight to the website through this link and get started now.

CONS (4)

1 – No Real Reference To Daytime Meeting

Although not directly stated, it’s easy to get the impression from the program that Andrew goes out at night to meet women. He does meet women in bars and pubs, but he also likes to party and create social circles. If this isn’t you then you will still learn some things but you might want to try something else (like this course from a daytime specialist)

2 – No New Magic Tricks

If you buy a lot of pick up products then you probably know that the main stuff stays the same. This program is no different. However, I will say that this program is quite detailed and refined. More than others I have reviewed and bought

3 – One Way to Do It

This program is focused around meeting women at parties, bars and clubs (as stated before). But even then there is more than one way to do it.

I like Andrews ideas but they won’t necessarily be right for everyone. He is a happy go lucky guy who likes to go with the flow (that’s the impression that I get anyhow). Anyone who needs a rigid structure may not be suited to the program.

4 – A Little Bit of Self Help

There are some techniques like the ‘rampage of self confidence’ that have you working on yourself.

You don’t have to do them but I think they are a good idea. I only put this here because some people don’t like doing exercises like these, and if you’re not going to do them then you are pretty much wasting your time.

You need confidence to be able to meet women, and if you aren’t confident then this is how you can start.


Conversation Crack Bonus

59 Page eBook that is easy to understand

It’s not all new but there are phrases you can say verbatim which will help you along. Great for guys who find it hard keep the conversation going. This guide will help you keep it going and keep her attracted to you at the same time

  • The #1 rule that you must never break
  • 7 conversations that will have her exactly where you want her

The Perfect Date Blueprint

Short 16 page PDF document that divulges

  • Good date ideas
  • Bad date ideas
  • Date obstacles to avoid and how to avoid them

And an example timeline of a date including when to invite her over and how long it should last.

33 Done-for-You Text Conversations

36 Page eBook that is literally copy and pasted text message conversations that Andrew (i’m assuming) has had with girls. Some of them he must have met in person and some over a dating app from reading the conversations. A little  voyeuristic for me but if you want to know what is actually said etc, then this is right up your alley.

Friend Zone to End Zone

12 page PDF strategy guide for guys who have fallen into the friend zone. 3 relatively easy to follow steps (although some may find the first step of sleeping with other women tougher than others)

Although she is a girl you really like, she still wants a man. This guide can help you in that situation

Passing Women’s Tests

12 Page short guide on the different tests women do to men and how to pass them

Truth is that every guy gets tested. The 2 types of tests covered in this book are:

  • Compliance
  • Congruence

There are some examples of what to say, why women test men and how to get around it.

I usually just say no to women when they try to do this stuff, the examples in this guide are a little cute for me but they may work for you

How to Date Multiple Women (Honestly and Ethically)

This mp3 series was recorded between Andrew and his friend Brad whilst driving.

The information is really for people who are thinking of trying to date more than one woman at a time (which is a good idea for guys who are even thinking of finding one girl and settling down BTW)

They give a few hints, a few what not to do’s and why you shouldn’t lie to women about other women (and how you should actually let them know)

I liked some of the info, although it goes on a bit long and is a bit too casual for mine


This is a good, more up to date program than the other ‘how to meet women’ books and programs that i have seen out there

Andrew is experienced, well versed and he also is a good teacher.

There’s only so far you can go with an online course, but having said that there are some insights that you will have going through this material

It is well organised so it’s easy to come back to and go through the bit that you want to know

It would probably take you an afternoon and evening to go through the whole thing if you wanted to speed through it.


I think if you are after some guidance in the first part of your relationship (i.e. meeting women) then this is a good program to get.

It’s straight forward enough and simple to follow that you will get a good grounding in it. And it covers the topics of attraction and first meeting women which is crucial for guys who don’t have a steady stream of women in their lives already.

As you can tell I enjoyed going through the content of the course and yes, I do recommend it. You can get your copy from here. And if you have any questions then ask me here

Thanks for reading my Modern Day Magnetic Attraction Review