How to Get a Woman to Like You When You’re Nervous

How to get a girl to like you - couple on date

How to get a girl to like you - couple on date

YOU HAVE JUST MET a woman that you think is gorgeous and funny and absolutely intelligent.

You are really attracted to her, and you can totally see yourself in a fantastic relationship with her… And you want her to be into you as well.

But do you know what to do?

One wrong move and you will be annoying and push her away, or you will find yourself in the darkest pit of the friend zone.

How can you create a positive impression and eventually make her attracted to you?

How to get a woman to like you

Be well groomed

Women are not hung up on physical features, but your appearance is the first thing they will notice.

Physical attraction is the initial attraction. If you are dirty, smelly and wearing clothes that look like they have just been thrown together, you may put her off and deny her chance to discover just how amazing you are.

How you dress is quite important

Research shows that females instinctively look at how a guy is dressed to determine if he will be a good provider for their family in the future.

A well-dressed guy sends the message that he is stable, goal oriented, and driven. When you want to impress women, wear clean clothes, trim your nails, comb your hair, and be presentable.

When seeking to attract a woman, your smell is of utmost importance

Your fragrance can intrigue a woman, sexually attract her, or even repulse her.

It doesn’t matter how good looking you are if you have a scent that turns off other people you have no chance of attracting her. Having a nice aftershave or scent of cologne will help.

Your scent should not be too overpowering. It should not overwhelm, but it should definitely be noticeable. She should only detect it when you walk by or stand next to her.

Be confident

Research shows that women cannot resist a confident attitude.

A guy who is comfortable in his own skin holds his head up high, is true to himself, and does not worry about what other people think is very attractive. A woman will be drawn to a man who believes in himself and is not afraid to be the man he wants to be.

A guy who is confident inside and out sends a strong message that he can protect his girl and his family.

A guy who lacks confidence communicates timidity and disinterest. This will cause her to keep her distance because she cannot trust him to be there when she needs him.

Be yourself

When many guys meet women, they do not present their ‘true selves’.

This is because they fear rejection. They feel like they do not look good enough or they are not charming enough. So instead of being themselves, they try to project an image that you think she will like.

Other guys are too worried about what to say to women: always weighing their words and jumping on every opportunity to agree.

Unfortunately, she will see right through you. Women can tell that you are not your authentic self and that you crave her approval. When she senses this, she will run for the hills. A woman respects a man who believes in himself enough to risk not be liked and approved of.

Remember, different women have different preferences when it comes to men. Therefore, not every woman will be attracted to you; and it has nothing to do with you. Be yourself and allow her to like you for you.

How to get a woman to like you - he is paying attention to her

Pay attention to her

When you are with a woman, make her feel as if she is only other person in the room. Even when people walk by, the music is loud, and the dishes are breaking, keep your whole attention focused on her.

Women love this… And they test for it.

Women who are interested in you will get their friends to sit next to you instead of them. They do this to test whether you really have an interest in them or if you’re just after ‘any girl’.

You can pass the test by keeping your attention on her. This is definitely a way to get into her good books in the right way.

Let her talk about herself

Often, guys struggle on dates because they try to keep the conversation going at all times. They forget that the one topic of ultimate interest for women is themselves.

And make no mistake, girls love to talk about themselves. If you master the art of listening to her, you will have the most fantastic conversation.

Simply listen, pick on the things that she tells you and talk to her about them.

She will appreciate that you show an interest in her and she will feel good emotions talking about things that matter to her. Consequently, she will associate those emotions with you. Within no time, she will feel a connection with you.

Next time you are talking to a girl, zero in on what matters to her and let her elaborate on it.


Girls want guys with whom they share some similarities.

Mirroring is a good way to show her that you are more alike than different. This is an incredible tactic because you do not even have to talk to her.

Mirroring catches the attention of the woman and communicates to her that you are a guy that she would find interesting. It is also a way of getting her to develop a true sense of trust because people generally trust people who are similar to them.

Research shows that when you mirror a woman’s facial expressions, it makes her feel attracted to you and she also finds you interesting, caring and intelligent. Some of the ways you can mirror include:

  • Smiling when she smiles
  • Turning your body in the same direction as hers
  • Nodding your head when she nods hers
  • Raising your eyebrows when she raises hers
  • Showing disgusting when she shows disgust towards something else

Although don’t impersonate

This doesn’t mean copying or impersonating her. It’s simply about showing her that you are in the same frame of mind at the same time.

Similarity attraction effect

We have already established that we are attracted to people who are similar to us.

You can use this to your benefit when listening to the woman that you like. Simply highlight the things that you have in common.

She says she loves country music? Let her know your favorite band if you also like country music.

Studies show that the more similar to a girl a guy is, the more she feels he is predictable, and her brain, therefore, thinks he is safe to be with.

Be spontaneous

You don’t have to do what every other guy out there is doing to impress her.

For instance, why don’t you use your talents to impress her? On a date take her to something that you are good at. Even if it is hitting range balls, she will see you at something you are good at.

This will earn you extra points because you are genuine and that takes extra time and effort.

The novel effect

Research shows things that are new or unusual activate the parts of the brain that invokes curiosity and consequently, attractiveness.

Separate yourself from the herd and do things differently and you will surely get her to like you.

Final thoughts…

Many guys allow their shortcomings to stand in the way of their love life.

There are many things you may not like about yourself…… and if you are not careful, you may allow them to erode your self-esteem

These are factors that you cannot control, and you should not allow them to stand in the way of your love. A great personality and attitude can help you to overcome all your insecurities.

Therefore, embrace who you are, turn them into your strengths and build your self-esteem. And remember, even the girl you are eyeing is not perfect. She probably has her own insecurities.

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How to Flirt with a Girl You Like

How to flirt with a girl you like - girl walking on a beach

How to flirt with a girl you like - girl walking on a beach


  • A friend of a friend
  • Someone you have seen around at school or work
  • Or a gorgeous girl you have just seen strolling by the beach

You psych yourself up, find the courage to approach her and initiate a conversation…

You get off to a good start: she is receptive, she is smiling and nodding.

However, a few minutes in, you can feel the energy plateau. And just like that, she excuses herself saying that she is waiting for a friend and she has to make a call.

What just happened?


Flirting is a low-risk method of initiating a conversation with a girl you are attracted to. The goal here is for her to want to spend more time with you. Flirting does this by being fun, playful and creating an enjoyable experience.

A side benefit is that flirting creates sexual tension which can make the girl instantly attracted to you.

It also communicates that you are confident, trustworthy and have something to offer, which is essential.

The art of flirting

A guy who has mastered flirting has the ability to seduce a girl without saying a word.

To flirt successfully, there are two conversations taking place simultaneously: the verbal and nonverbal. Many guys fail at flirtation because they emphasize on the verbal, while it is the nonverbal that is more important.

Did you know: Flirting is also crucial for long-lasting relationships?

Flirting is not only helpful in initiating dating, but it also helps partners to remain interesting to each other. It also helps to avoid getting trapped in a rut even after they have been in a relationship for a long time.

If you want to hone your flirting skills, consider the following suggestions.

Approach the girl

This may seem like an easy step, but it is where many guys fail.

Approaching the girl is the most challenging part of initiating contact. Some guys get stuck in their head, and instead of psyching themselves up, they end up thinking about all the reasons why the girl may not want to talk to them.

So, before you can convince yourself otherwise, you just have to walk up to the girl.

The safest way to approach

How do you determine whether the girl is open to your approach?

Make eye contact with her, and smile a couple of times. If she reciprocates, she is giving you an invitation to come over. You can then walk up to her.

LINK: More information on approaching girls

In any case, approach her anyway. You have nothing to lose. A few words and a few minutes are all you need to know if she is interested in you or not.

How to flirt with a girl you like - guy and girl fliring in a library

Body language

If you are interested in a girl, you want to make sure you do not give off any signs of nervousness or discomfort.

Ensure your body is relaxed, your hands are visible, and your demeanor is pleasant. Bear in mind that you can say a lot with your body language, so ensure you say all the right things.

Above all, learn how to create sexual tension with body language.

Eye contact

The basic technique of any flirting is eye contact. Eye contact is a strong gesture, it can communicate many different things: trust, charisma, loyalty, contempt.

When you meet a girl’s gaze, do not lower your eyes; look at her for a while and then look away. A good rule of the thumb for eye contact is 1-2 seconds before looking away.

You can also use the ‘staring competition’ tactic. This happens when you are flirting with a girl, and you look into her eyes, and then she happens to look at you, and your eyes meet up. The question is: who will look away first?

You should not be the one to look away first; this is a sign of submission. But as soon as she looks away, break the eye contact as well or you will appear creepy.

The smile

Smiling is one of the easiest ways to make a girl know that you are interested in her. However, some experts indicate that a huge, gleaming, pearly, white smile might communicate desperation.

They instead recommend a smirk. A smirk is the standard smile’s seductive brother.  Remember, everything you do must have a sexual undertone. You want to be James Bond, not Jim Carrey.

Gentle touches

The touch is one of the most powerful forms of romantic communication. You must calibrate your touch depending on the emotional distance between you and the girl.

Touch ranges from a handshake, a pat on the shoulder, a light push, a hug from the side, to a full hug. So, look for opportunities to touch the girl lightly, sometimes accidentally.

Some examples are:

  • Shake hands when you first introduce yourself
  • Place your hands on her arms to gently move her because someone is passing
  • Tap her arm lightly when sharing a laugh
  • Put your hand on her lower back while guiding her through ahead of you
  • Push her if she teases you back

Give the girl compliments

Giving a girl compliments is one of the easiest ways of flirting with her. An effective compliment simply means picking something that you like about the girl and telling her you to like it. All you need to do is to ensure that you are genuine about it.

  • I saw you over here and just had to tell you that I like your style.

(Revealing that you noticed the girl will make her feel good about herself and like you more)

  • Your eyes are gorgeous.

(This one will work best if you say it with enthusiasm and excitement)

  • I love your jacket.

(This is a good one for initiating touch. Touching her arm lightly is a safe option)

The trick to giving compliments is to avoid being too generous with them because then you will not sound sincere. Also, ensure your compliments are not generic.

Teasing the girl

One of the most efficient ways to get a girl’s attention is by teasing her. However, ensure that you do not go overboard or the girl will feel insulted.

  • Are you trying to break the world shopping record?
  • Your fur coat made me think of a bear……… did you kill it yourself?
  • I like your smile, but I think you have something in your teeth (only use when she has something in her teeth)
  • You’re from Canada? Is it true that Canadians keep a bottle of maple syrup on them at all times?

The secret with teasing a girl is not even what you say, as much as how you say it.

If you are not sure you can deliver teases neatly, avoid them altogether. Otherwise, she might find them insulting

Flip the ‘frame’

In the natural progression of relationships, the guy is supposed to chase the girl and prove to her that he is worthy of being chosen by her.  But these days it’s important that you also see yourself as the ‘prize’.

Increase your value and make the girl qualify herself; of course, all this is done in a flirt.

For instance, you can invite the girl over for a movie and popcorn but only if she promises not to touch you.

This may appear to be counter-intuitive, but it works very well because you communicate with a girl that she needs to work for you because you are ‘of value’.

  • You look like trouble!
  • You are not one of those stalker types: are you?
  • Let us take this slowly…. I do not want to get hurt.
  • Hey, my eyes are up here *point to face*. (For when you catch her looking down – even at the ground)

Bridging (the new ‘close’)

Closing is what salespeople call going in for the sale. And some dating experts call going for the phone number ‘a close’.

But the truth is that you never really ‘close’ in relationships. Closing is finishing and you want to see her again (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this). So instead you want to create a bridge to the next interaction

If everything has gone according to plan up to this point, the girl is probably waiting for you to ask for her number. Go ahead and do exactly that.

This is important! It lets her know that you are genuinely interested. She also thinks of it as testing your reliability.

If you are feeling good about the interaction you will have no problem asking for her number:

  • Tell her you enjoyed the interaction but you have to leave
  • Tell her that you should do this again sometime
  • Ask for her number / or suggest a date
  • Smile

Maggie, this has been so much fun, and we should do it again sometime, but I have to leave … I just need your number before I go. Smile.

Advanced Bridging

The best way I found was to bring up things that I or she likes doing or am going to do in the near future.

If I found that the topic of running was one we both clicked with, then I would maybe find out what time of the week she runs. Then I’d invite her to do it together. In a fun, flirty way.

  • ‘We should run together, I’m always looking for someone to hold my drink bottle.’
  • ‘I think I would run better with someone chasing me’

Don’t base your invitation around advice. Either asking for or giving her advice when you are bridging.

Women don’t like that. It’s more of a man thing. Instead, as in the examples, let her know that time with you will be full of fun and adventure.


Like any other skill, flirtation demands practice. The more you flirt, the more your confidence grows. You do not have to wait to flirt with girls that you are attracted to. Whenever the opportunity arises, walk up to a woman, make contact, talk to her for a bit and watch your confidence grow.

You are also making the world a better place, one smile at a time.

With time, you will realize that you can be yourself in the presence of a gorgeous woman, and not only have a conversation with her but also flirt your way to attraction. Happy flirting!

How to Attract Younger Women & Use Your Age to Your Advantage

How to Attract Younger Women - A woman and man enjoying a hot drink together

How to Attract Younger Women - A woman and man enjoying a hot drink together

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT to yourself that it was not possible to attract and date younger women?  You think: ‘cute girls would never date an old geezer like me!’ Or ‘why should I bother approaching her?  She’d just tell me that I am old enough to be her dad’.

You are so wrong

Let us get something straight.  Young women are actually attracted to older men.  Clinical psychologist, Sasha Lynn says that there are many reasons why young women are attracted to older men.

The older man is more confident and secure in himself and is more settled in his life and career.  His life is much less chaotic, and he is perceived to be more experienced socially as well as sexually.

Many young women feel that guys their age just don’t ‘get it.’  They want an older man who is in control of himself and his environment.

Furthermore, many studies suggest that women mature faster than men.  It is no wonder, therefore, that a younger woman might feel more comfortable with an older man.

A perfect match: Older men and younger women share the same need for connection.

Consider the following facts:

  • Young women have a massive need for connection. While they are busy building their careers, their main focus is to create lasting relationships and establish a family.
  • Young men, on the other hand, are more focused on the need for significance. As much as they may have relationships and want to have a family, their main focus is figuring a way to make it in the world.
  • The older man has spent his youth looking for money and power, and he has probably achieved them.  He is tired of the rat race, and he is looking for more connection.

A younger woman and an older man are compatible because they are both seeking for more connection.  She wants to settle own. He may be wanting to start a second family so that he can get it right this time since he neglected the first one in pursuit for money and power.

How to attract younger women

Your age does not have to be the stumbling block to a beautiful relationship.  Long lasting relationships are possible, even despite a huge age difference:

Donald and Melania Trump have an age difference of 23 years, George Clooney and his wife Amal have a 17 years age gap, Bruce Willis and Emma Heming have an age difference of 24 years, Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas have an age difference of 26 years…. and the list is endless.

Indeed, your age can be to your advantage when you are seeking a younger woman.

Change your mindset

Many guys are attracted to younger women, but they refrain from approaching them because of societal programming.

  • I shouldn’t date a woman that young.  It is just not right.
  • Everyone will think I am shallow if I date a woman that young.
  • A relationship with a woman that young would never work.  We are in completely differences places in life.

You can never have the younger woman that you desire if you harbor such thoughts in your mind.  There is absolutely nothing wrong, immoral or unethical with wanting to date a younger woman. After all, we have already established that young women are very attracted to older men.

How to attract younger women

Act your age

Many older guys think that the way to attract a younger woman is by acting younger.  This is not necessary. Trying to be something you are not is never attractive. Do not go around saying you are 29 while you are in fact 40, or telling people that you are 60, but you feel as if you are 35.

Embrace your age.  Be who you are:  you do not have to pretend to be what you are not to impress a younger woman.  Remember, there are tons of younger women that are looking to date older guys. Pretending to act younger when you are an older man is an easy way to get rejected by younger women.  Learn to play to your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

Ensure you are compatible

To stack the odds in your favor, ensure you share common interests with the younger woman.  Sometimes, the generational differences can be huge, that you have to ensure there is enough potential for a long-term relationship if that is what you are after.

Further, ensure that she is not looking for a father figure.  This is huge. Some girls have had bad relationships with their fathers, or they just never had fathers.  Looking for an older man might be their way of looking for a father figure.

They are looking for a provider, a protector and someone to nurture them: someone to fill the gap.   They are not looking for an equal relationship. This is not the kind of relationship you should sign up for.  It will never work.

Ensure that she is not only open to dating an older man but that she understands the challenges that may come with it.

  • Is she ready for people to say all sorts of things about your relationship?
  • Will her parents and siblings might disapprove of the relationship?
  • Is she comfortable hanging out with your older friends?

Be adventurous

While you want to be mature and adult, get a renewed thinking: you must be adventurous and fun to be around.  Young women are wild and adventure seekers.  The best way to connect with them is ride on with their curiosity and imagination.

  • Let her take you on adventures that you would never consider going on by yourself.
  • Take the initiative; be exciting and daring and let her do things she never thought she would do before.

This is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep a young woman interested.  You will both have a blast.

Be her rock

There is no doubt about it. While all women are emotional, a younger woman will have a lot of drama going on in her life.  Whenever she freaks out about something, you must not let it get to you. Learn to stay calm. Do not try to fix her problems and do not try to stand in for daddy.  That is one of the things she will love about you.

She will love that you can remain cool under any circumstances.  Remember, one of the unique offerings you bring to the table as an older guy is your stability and non-judgment.  So, be that rock and see what happens.

Keep the lines of communication open

The age differences might include differences in perceptions and role expectations.  Discuss your expectations with her.  Maybe she wants to have a child while you feel that you are past the age of having children.  Talk as much as possible so that neither of you misunderstands the relationship.

Prepare yourself for continuous change

When you are dating a younger woman, remember that she probably still have a few years of figuring herself out.  Keep an open mind and be ready to go with the flow.  Do not restrict or hinder her options.  Also, be prepared for the possibility that she may not be with you in the next few years.

Deal with this fact and be ready for it: New careers, new relationship expectations, new lifestyle and many other things will come into her life as she grows into a more mature woman.

How to deal with the “How old are you question.”

As we conclude, the question that older men dread the most when approaching a younger woman is the question: “Wait a minute, how old are you?”

Fear, nervousness, and embarrassment engulfs you and are at a loss how to exactly respond.

Should you tell your actual age and risk rejection


Should you simply lie and hope that she never finds out how old you really are?

The secret: Ask the question first

This helps you to beat her to the punch and ensures that she is on the defensive instead of you.

Envision the following conversation:

You: How old are you?

Her: (Truthfully her response doesn’t matter as you already know she is younger)

You: Oh, well…. You’re a bit too young for me.  I don’t think a relationship with you would ever work.

Her: But… (She will try to qualify herself, listing all the reasons why the relationship between the two of you would actually work).

Do you see what is happening here? You are disqualifying her because of her age and using her young age as the reason why the two of you cannot hook up. You have flipped the script, and instead of chasing her, you now have her chasing you.

The close…

Not all women will want to date an older man, but there is many who will after their not so fulfilling experiences with guys their own age. So if you get a few weird responses then try somewhere else.

How to Attract Women with Body Language – 7 Tips for When You Meet Miss Right

how to attract women with body language - a smile and confident posture goes a long way

how to attract women with body language - a smile and confident posture goes a long way

DID YOU KNOW communication is 7% words, 38% tone of voice, and 55% non-verbal cues? A study by UCLA indicated that we communicate our feelings and attitudes more through body language than words. This is even much more important in relationships, considering that women tune into the emotional messages that guys convey:

  • When you sit, do you slouch your shoulders or are you upright?
  • Do you walk with your head high, or do you look down?
  • When meeting new people, do you relax or get nervous and uptight?

What do all these have to do with attracting women?

Your body language communicates power and confidence or insecurity and low self-esteem. Even when you’re not thinking about it.

If you carry yourself with power, women will assume that you manifest that power; if you look at them in the face when speaking to them; they will believe that you have something of value to say.

What the research says

According to research, 57% of women indicate that their first impression of a man was his self-presentation and how he carried himself, 38% of the women said that they based their first impression on how the man spoke, and 7% on what the man actually said.

Many men communicate nervousness, desperation, and sleaziness without even realizing it. Unfortunately, it is hard to avoid these mistakes when you are meeting a beautiful woman for the first time. Your body betrays you; it responds to the interaction with wrong body language. Most of the rejection from women results from things that you are not even aware that you are doing.

The single most problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. – George Bernard Shaw.

What is initial attraction all about

According to Stephen Nash, what initially attracts a woman to a man is his masculinity. Masculinity is translated to mean security.

The kind of a guy that a woman is attracted to is one who is secure: he does not need any external validation, he is not needy, and interacts with people in a relaxed way. Women can instinctively tell how secure you are through your body language.

Your efforts at attracting a woman should focus on making her feel comfortable, getting her to like you and getting her to let her guard down.

Body language: the difference that makes the difference.

There is a night and day difference between body language that communicates confidence and one which conveys insecurity. What is more, women can see, sense, and feel this difference immediately. Remember, if your body language is all wrong, you will be appraised, rejected, and declared unworthy long before you open your mouth.

By the time you think of starting a conversation, an emotional barrier has already been created, and your words will be bouncing off the invisible emotional shield. By then, the dominant thought in the woman’s mind is how fast she can get rid of you.

how to attract women with body language - drawing her in with open body language
Using your body correctly will help make her feel more secure and even encourage her to pursue you

Here’s how to create attraction in women using your body language


Women inherently regard men as protectors. As such, you should have a strong posture. Your posture is an essential aspect of your body language. The qualities you want to communicate with your posture are confidence, dominance, but at the same time, approachability. Always ensure that your back is straight, and your shoulders are squared. Slouching your shoulder sends messages of anxiety and defeat.

When you are standing, always plant your feet at least shoulder width apart. Experts say that from an evolutionary perspective, this posture signals fertility, which women unconsciously look for in potential partners.

When it comes to your hands, it is better to leave them free at your sides with the palms open rather than having them crossed at your chest. Crossing your hands makes you appear closed off and nervous.

Always lean forward towards the woman you are talking to. This helps you to communicate interest, desire, excitement, and intrigue. She will unconsciously be pulled to you.

Leaning back communicates distraction and disinterest. Also, facing your feet towards your date shows that your attention is on the woman while crossing your legs indicates that you are relaxed and confident.


The way you move is as important as the way you stand. When you walk, walk deliberately with a purpose. Do not walk in a rush, but do not be a turtle. You want your movement to communicate directness and confidence.

Therefore, you must learn to control your flow. You will never meet a confident guy with Restless Leg Syndrome. Slowing down presents the world with a more confident version of yourself.

When you get into a room, you want to slide in there gently like a summer breeze. This will add calmness and elegance to your movement.

The way you move is your autograph in motion – Leil Lowrides

Eye contact

Maintaining intense eye contact is one of the most important aspects of attracting a woman. When seeking to attract a woman, do not settle for the weak, polite eye contact. Aim for a strong eye contact that injects sexual tension.

As a man, it is your job to create sexual tension, whereas, it is a woman’s responsibility to deflect the sexual tension through polite eye contact. Do not do her job for her.

Fact: When you look a woman in the eyes, a hormone called phenylethylamine is released. This is the hormone that induces the feeling of falling in love.

Holding eye contact with a woman immediately communicates status, sexuality, dominance, confidence, and fearlessness. Remember, if you make eye contact with a girl, whoever looks away first is the least dominant one.

Feminine energy is submissive; masculine energy is dominant. Which one do you want to be?

During a conversation with a woman, well-timed eye contact increases the connection between the two of you. Looking away for too long will make you appear nervous and uncomfortable.

how to attract women with body language - being open can create opportunities for you to get closer
Opening up your body and smiling will help her open up to you

Please smile

A smile is very powerful when used effectively. Smiling to a woman communicates that you are available and approachable. Research indicates that women respond to the smile rather than the whiteness of the teeth or even the shape of the smile. Do not worry if your teeth do not perfectly align. A smile is a smile!

Fun facts: Women are innately intimidated by men: Men are taller, stronger, bigger, and faster than the average woman. Your smile disarms the woman. It communicates that you are fun, spontaneous, positive, sociable, approachable, and harmless.

A smile is contagious. When you smile, it literally forces the other person to smile because of the mirror neurons in her brain.

Smiling at a woman makes her feel good, and she will associate ‘feeling good’ with being around you.

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

Body odor

Studies have shown that a woman’s sense of smell is up to 100 times more powerful than that of a man. They also reveal that there is a connection between a woman’s olfactory glands and her Limbic system – the part of the brain that is responsible for feelings of attraction and lust. By smelling good, you can trigger a woman’s limbic system and get her to fall for you:

  • Shower Daily
  • Brush your teeth thoroughly including the back of the tongue.
  • Floss your teeth daily.
  • Use deodorant and a touch of cologne to take your game a notch higher.

Take up space

Another definite way to express confidence is by taking up space. You do not want to be the guy who shrinks into the background and tries not to stand out; women will never notice you.

An excellent trick to occupying space is viewing everything within three feet of you as being in your personal ‘party bubble.’ This is a territorial thing that people notice unconsciously. When you take up space, in a room, people automatically conclude that you are the alpha male and that you are the most fun.

Leverage on her body language

One of the best ways to get her to start warming to you is to leverage her body language. Here are two of the more common ways you can do this.


You can mirror her. This simply means that you copy the behavior of your target woman: Facial expressions, hand gestures, mood, and body movements. By replicating a woman’s body language, you are sending familiarity signals to her brain.

Research shows that a woman’s brain cannot consciously ignore body language that suggests familiarity. For instance, if you notice that she is a little down, you can mirror her mood and tell her, “Is there something on your mind? Let’s go for a walk and talk or forget about it.”

Mirroring works well in inducing attraction because the conscious mind cannot process it.

TIP – Mirroring is best done at the subconscious level. You might notice it but do not bring it up in conversation or make awkward movements simply to copy body language.

how to attract women with body language - good body language can invite her to chase you

Be Playful

In some ways, this is the opposite of mirroring. Basically, instead of the both of you following each others body language, you do the opposite when it makes sense.

In the image above, the woman is sitting on the bar, the man behind the bar (manager/bartender) is playfully pretending to tell her that she shouldn’t do that.

Playfully is really the name of the game here.

One last fact:

Scientists say that the part of the brain that is responsible for romantic feelings -the limbic system- is primitive, and recognizes neither reason nor language. It is also called the ‘Lizard Brain’ because it bears a resemblance to the brain of the reptiles. It is impulsive and only knows emotions.

Scientists now think that the limbic system reaches its decisions through cues in behavior and body language as opposed to words. It will do you good to always to remember this: when you are dealing with a woman, she does not care much what is actually said; she cares about how she feels; how you make her feel.

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